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1. Black color in the toilet lead to accidents and problems. Black is the color of Saturn do not keep him unpleased.2. Mandir in kitchen is not auspicious. It gives financial losses and problems in life. Shift mandir to northeast.3. Toilet area should not be extended from the main building structure. It should come in alignment.4. Keeping pickles, knives and siccessors open in the kitchen gives clashes and quarrels in the family. Hide them for peace.5. Bedroom in northwest can lead to conception problems, phsycosexual problems, martial discord. Use white shades to color the room.6. Keeping brooms, dirty things, old...7. Operating a washing machine in...8. Depression, anxiety , low feelings...9. Maa Annapurna blesses you if you...10. High blood pressure, infections, skin...11. Keeping unwashed utensils overnight...12. Kitchen in the southwest bring depression,...13. Glasses, tumblers, big utensils should...14. Kitchen wall and toilet wall combined gives health problems. Kitchen is a pious room, do not combine with toilet.15. You think that only tensions gives you headache, stress and shoulder ache, no it could be due sitting under a beam too.16. Surgeries, brainstrokes, miscarriges...17. Fight, clashes and disagreements in family...18. Chest & lung problems, asthma, bronchitis...19. To maintain good husband wife relations...20. Renal diseases, sexual diseases, stone...21. Bad dreams, fearful nights could be...22. Daughter in-law and mother in-law23. Brothers fight & clashes are due...24. You remain continuously ill by no...25. Cooking in the north creates heavy...26. Body aches, irritated in the morning...27. Your clients are unhappy and vendors...28. Smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction...29. Too much bad debts, slow growth...30. Husband wife clashes destroy life...31. Mirror in the bedroom creates clashes...32. Clashes, blames and complains from...33. Thefts, burglaries, expenditure on ...34. Too much anger, hysteric nature35. Bitter relations with your husband; donât...36. No windows and doors in north close...37. Remove water identity or running38. Floor levels on north are higher then...39. Business partners fights and disagreements...40. If you are not able to avoid heavy...41. Unknown reasons for clashes between...42. Extremely high medical expenditure...43. High kitchen expenditure, unwanted...44. Keeping 11 number of energized gomti chakras...45. Keeping 7 energized gomti chakras...46. Want to have a good & dream less...47. Make your building strong& prosperous...48. Want to get good financial gains...49. Want to ensure money stability...50. Northeast kitchen gives serious health...51. Mirrors on the south wall of toilets...52. Labor accidents in the factory could...53. Kitchen under the stairs case gives...54. If you get Defeated with depression...55. Gain Satwicgunaâs from food, always...56. Toilets under the stairs cause...57. Stomach disorders, liver problems come...58. Handicap children, miscarriages, pregnancy...59. You complain of high expenses...60. Septic tanks should be made in...61. Keeping medicines in the kitchen...62. Toilets in the southeast gives...63. Lord Kuberis pleased if youbath facing...64. Enemies, murders, threats are due to...65. Water flow in toilet should...66. Gas stove on the north in...67. You remain dull, in full of...68. Water leakage from the taps gives...69. Rejection of orders and shipment...70. Kitchen in northwest eats up...71. Use of red color in the...72. Peeing towards east, south and...73. Cook some portion of food...74. Beautification of toilets in comparison...75. Live Vaastu sea salt placed in wrongly...76. People say you have high income but ...77. Water on the right of stove...78. Problems in life are...79. Bad debts, low profits, stagnation...80. Kitchen in southeast gives fame & respect...81. Want surgeries and major diseases...82. You get fights & clashes with neighbor...83. To harmonize the Income flow...84. Energize the main door...85. When you are stressed...86. When life seems incomplete...87. Keeping a narmadeshwarshivlingam in the northeast88. Shweataakganpati removes all vaastu89. To maintain peace and prosperity...90. Remove all vaastu defects...91. Vaastu Tips for Energies...92. Vaastu Tips for Body...93. Silence: It is a fact that silence...94. Non-judgment: I believe in non-judgment...95. Given something: Taking gifts is very easy...96. Be open to receive...97. Fire: Fire in our culture...98. Daily bath: One should take a bath...99. Colors and clothes: The Colors matter...100. Jealousy: Normally we complain our brothers...101. Concentration: Good concentration can achieve perfection...102. Conscious: Be conscious of the present...103. Choice: When ever you choose ask yourself...104. Do not blame: If the problems come...105. Power to desire: Make a list of all desires...106. Detachment: Practice to detach yourself...107. Nurture the god : Who is lying deep in your Soul...108. Inspire people: Keep inspiring...109. Be at rest: Lie down on the bed/floor...110. Avoid the pending: You can never relax...111. White Light: Whenever you feel depressed...112. Rejuvenate the environment: Put some nature...113. Stagnant Wealth: Keep circulating your wealth...114. Do not control yourself...
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What if a basic innocent family person is asked about the vaastu Shastra? The answer will be very simple, "he will say solutions to all my life problems". Also he might say that Vaastu Shastra Consultant would ask for the demolition of the structure. The layman is always asking for the remedies which are very easy...

Door and queries related to it

posted on 05 Sep 14

by Dr. Puneet Chawla

dr. uneet chawla's corner
The door that is for main entry should be big and all its measurements must be defined by vaastu.

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