Anti Vaastu Gives Zero Love Life

We all crave for a happy and peaceful married life which has become quite strenuous to achieve in today’s fast-pacing schedules. We often hear of broken marriages and incompatibility between couples despite experiencing years of togetherness. Such situations arise when the element love, which is the backbone and the very lifeline of any successful marriage, is absent from the couples’ life. The so called educated class happily accepts and moves forward, claiming destiny or lack of understanding to be the reason for their disastrous relationship, but do we ever try to contemplate what could be the real factor for such immediate transformation in a person’s nature or behavioral pattern.

Dr. Puneet Chawla claims that when the Vaastu of a house is not balanced properly, it leads to unrest and discordance between the couples residing under the roofs of that building or structure. Vaastu, an age old scientific approach towards better living and high thinking in accordance with nature’s elements and directions, can make or break a relationship. It has been rightly quoted by the great Mahatma Gandhi, “where there is love, there is life.”Dr. Chawla endorses this statement and suggests complete Vaastu compliance so as to ensure a joyous venture through the journey called life with your beloved one. With an experience of over twenty years in his successful Vaastu career and a fan-following of millions situated all across the globe, Dr. Chawla, who has also authored many books on Vaastu and has complete knowledge of our ancient Hindu doctrines as well, assures that Vaastu defects, if rectified, can heal up a broken heart and stabilize a marriage which might be at the doldrums. Here are some of the points for a couple to keep in mind so as to ensure ever-lasting congeniality, love and consonance in their relationship.

  • As per Vaastu principles, the south-east area of a plot or structure is always allotted to the element fire, so this should never be opted as the bedroom for any couple.
  • The bedroom should always be kept clutter-free as too much of mess around leads to confusion and disunion among the wedded couple.
  • You should never devour food on your bed as it creates negative energies which prove to be unfavorable for a happy and healthy relationship.
  • No friends should be invited to sit on your bed as it spoils the intimacy between the couple.
  • There should be no display of single structures or figures within the domains of your bedroom, like a single animal or flower. They should always be in pairs.
  • If the placement of fire and water element in your kitchen is not rightfully done, it would create irritation and incompliance among the couples staying within the four walls of that house.
  • You should avoid hanging pictures of hunting animals, fire scenes, empty trees without flowers and fruits blooming on them and photos of animals and birds like crows, pigeons, owls, snakes and vultures as they are inauspicious and create unrest between the couple.
  • Exposed knifes and scissors in the kitchen or dining area result in bad relationships, so these objects should always be kept covered or hidden.
  • Pickles, being sour in nature, are believed to create bitterness among the duo staying in the house, if kept exposed.
  • If you are a resident in a multi-storied apartment, make sure that the kitchen on the upper floor is not placed just above the bedroom of your house/flat.

Love is the master key which opens the gates f happiness in a marriage alliance, so do not let this element fly outside the window with the blowing wind in your house. Consult and seek suggestions from Dr. Chawla who would show you right path and guide you through a happy and ideal married life now and forever.

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