How do Vaastu impact your life? A talk about great Indian science

vaastu for happy lifeWe all want a logic behind everything that approaches to get accepted. But I believe not every person is able to understand the logic of electricity, mechanism. Similarly, everyone can’t be able to understand some basic sciences like astrology or law of attraction etc. The same one is vaastu which is a great Indian science. Vaastu can refer to architectural science. With the flow of time many researches take place and many phases of it keep changing.

People who didn’t know about this term constructed houses, buildings and passes through many aspects of life. There was logic behind everything. The one would never believe if he is told that there is a vaastu defect in his house which is causing him problems. “What the hell you’re talking about, is it the cut corner in my office which causes me loss.” What can I do but laugh. It couldn’t be the one and only reason but could be one out of others. And you can rectify it first possibly. The talk is about the factors which impact the environment around you, like- pointing to the north while sleeping leads to stress and aches because of electromagnetic waves which flows from the north.

The science of Vaastu can’t be understood in a day. But the changes that can help you to bring peace and harmony in your life can be done in a shorter time. Here are some very basic points that will not only improve your home environment but also will provide an opportunity to understand it.

1. North direction, which has North Pole, provides tremendous positive energy to the whole structure. That’s why it is suggested that there should be big openings in the north direction.

2. Northeast is a very pious direction. A very powerful axis of magnetic energy starts from the northeast to southwest. So, Vaastu suggests not placing bedrooms, stores, toilets, kitchen or any fire element in this area.

3. The impact of colors on us is emotional, intellectual, materialistic, physical and intuitive. Like red color applicable on south wall of living room is helpful in creating life force energy. Live vaastu has a deep explanation of properties of seven basic colors.

4. Vaastu suggests avoiding clutter which is an energy block that prevents positive energy from circulating through your home.

5. Vaastu helps to make things likewise. For example- if the first thing you see is your bed piled up high with clothes and other things which are not in place you may feel exhausted and overworked. First view in your bedroom should give you rest. The spaces should not have to be cramped, cluttered, uncomfortable, or lacking the basic attributes of good vaastu environment.

Vaastu means a balanced, harmonious and soothing environment that involves balance in ten directions available in the universe. These directions provide subtle energies, which can be sensed like gravitational, solar, magnetic energy, airflow etc. If these energies are not harmonious in the structure, vaastu defects are created and our life becomes difficult. And if there is harmony in all energies, it creates positive environment, which support us and our creativity and create a platform for a life that you can enjoy.

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One thought on “How do Vaastu impact your life? A talk about great Indian science

  1. dear sir,
    having reached ur site, i might get answers to some of my questions in life. i have everything but no happiness. i do not have power, even though i am in a powerful service. i own two ancestral houses and i find vaastu defects in their construction. since i do not stay there, it may be due to those defects. the house i stay has given me a lot of disputes and my life is equal to death. my children do not take interest in studies. everybody feels a lack of energy.
    i am terribly short on money and am getting unsure of myself everyday. need some guidance, on what directions i should improve in my house to make it more friendly.

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