Plants have life please do not cut

Plants are the most beautiful creation of God Almighty which enlightens and adds life to our entire surrounding on earth. They are the most tolerant, ignorant, innocent and non-violent elements of nature which have always been exploited by other living things for their personal interests and benefits. Human Beings have always made incessant use of these heavenly elements and have always treated them harshly to fulfill their own selfish motives. The irony lies in the fact that when animas are slaughtered, there is a huge revolutionary act undertaken by the people belonging to the animal rights group but when plants are felled, there is no one to raise a voice in favor of them. I guess plants do not shed blood when killed, like animals, and that is why their destruction is not taken seriously and it still continues in full swing despite the government trying to raise consciousness among civilians regarding this. We seldom realize that they too have life, they too grow and age with time, like other living creatures, but they do not cry in times of despair and that seems to work against their interests.

Dr Puneet Chawla, a veteran and highly dignified soul in the field of Vaastu Shastra, throws light on the issue from his newly originated Live Vaastu concept. According to him, if we consider the Vaastu point of view, which gives equal standing to plants, as they too have life, a plot with many plants reduces negative energy on it, purifies the environment and brings about peace of mind, body and soul for its residents. Although some vaastu consultants might advice and refrain their clients from growing too many trees around their campus as they consider their shadow falling on the property to be inauspicious. This however does not stand true. Trees are a source of energy and even act as a coolant for the plot which in turn guarantees inflow of money, name, fame and prosperity for the owner. To sum it up all, a house becomes a home under the warm shades of the trees which stand around it to protect and preserve its beauty and bounty.

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