The Love workshop- Time to Create a Wealth of Your Love Life

love workshop

  • You feel that you are always misunderstood by your partner.
  • Your partner always take your advantage the relationship.
  • IF Your partner dominates you at all the time.
  • You feel that whatever you say is misinterpreted and not understood as you meant it.
  • You find yourself weak in front of your partner.
  • Your partner suspects bad character in you.
  • Sexual communication with your partner is not good.
  • Your partner is jealous of you.
  • It seems like you have made bad choice in for your relationship.
  • You fund your wavelength cannot be tuned to your partner.
  • Your partner insults you.
  • Your partner blames you for every problem in life.

Dr. Puneet Chawla says-
“In human relationships, distance is not measured in miles but in love and dedication. Two people can be together always, yet miles apart they are connected by heart”

So it’s time to create a wealth of your love life and you do not have to be jealous with people who have a good love life.

He feels- love is not about sex, going on romantic dates, expressing love in public. It’s about being with a person who makes you happy in a way nobody else can.

Quite often we do not know the power of a touch (it is proven medically that touch of a loved one removes pain), a smile (smile of a dear is worth lakhs), a sweet word (can uplift the moods like anything), a dedicate listening ear (removes lot of burden), an honest compliment (a compliment by a lover is higher than the thousands of people who are unknown), or the smallest act of caring (makes you feel alright)-

I hope all of achievements have the potential to turn a life around. We don’t always need advice. Sometimes all we need is a hand to hold, an ear to listen, and a heart to understand.

Create Your relationships wisely.

Don’t wait for the right person to come into your life. Rather, be the right person to come to someone’s life. Silence is often the loud cry. So do not let the silence come into your life.

A consultant, author and a teacher for various issues of life, Dr. Puneet Chawla uses Live Vaastu which is applicable to each and every person. Weather he is inside the home, office, field, market or any other place. This Live Vaastu does not discriminate the financial status of the person.

He corrects Finances, Relations and the Quality of life with his therapies. All his consultancies and workshops carry logics and make worth to have it. Even hearing his name generates positive energies in the minds of his readers, viewers, audience and clients.

The Love workshop guides you a path to good relations for husband wife and lovers.

Only solutions and solutions offered.

These are practical solutions, which are being used by clients of the Dr. Puneet Chawla and also applied by lakhes of followers.

1. The workshop will be interactive.
2. Lecture material will be provided. No need to write notes.
3. Lunch and tea included.
4. Couples are preferred. Other wise this workshop can be attended by any one partner.

Join Love workshop.

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