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Lakshmi Kachuwa

Tortoise is a popular symbol in Hindu mythology. It is believed that tortoise gives longevity and completes the wish. It is a symbol of good luck, creation, strength, stability and wisdom.

In Santan Dharma it is said that Lord Vishnu’s second avatar is Kurma, the tortoise which came to rescue the Dev gan to get them nectar of immortality the Amrit. To churn the sea a big snake was used as a rope and the mountain mandara was taken as a stick, Lord Vishnu incarnated as tortoise and gave the mandara mountain his back as the base to churn. After this great manthan/churning the Amrit a nectar of immortality came up. This created a signicance of Tortoise.

The best thing we get from the tortoise is financial stability because Lakshmi the Vishnu patni is happy to get the tortoise placed along with her in the temple .

The Dr. Puneet Chawla’s effort to bring the best for vastu remedies is very high.

Live Vaastu Lakshmi Kachua has following features :- 

  1. It is made of pure brass
  2. It is energised in special mahurtas by the team of pandits under the special guidance of Dr. Chawla.
  3. It has a special Lakshmi yantra on the base. The yantra is called the yantra of 15
  4. It is good for the business and starts ups.
  5. It is good for the recovery of bad debts.
  6. It is good for stability of finances.
  7. Those who are disappointed with failures must keep this for a sure success.

How to use :-

  1. Place it in the temple near the Maa lakshmi and offer yellow flowers and apply turmeric paste.
  2. One can place it in the safe locker on any Thursday.
  3. Placing it on the working table is also good. Give a base of brass chowki.
Rs. 2100
Energize by Dr. Puneet Chawla
Net Weight: 500

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