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Vedas says

"Life devoid of struggles is a life bereft of happiness because the value of happiness is realized only after pain."

Dr. Chawla says

"Life devoid of struggles is a life bereft of happiness because the value of happiness is realized only after pain."

About Dr. Puneet Chawla

A professional vaastu consultant should be an accomplished authority on architecture, Indian ancient science of Vaastu, Vedic scriptures like the Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads, astrology and other related sciences. Dr. Puneet Chawla has a command over all these and is adept in providing vaastu recommendations to homes, commercial establishments and industries.

An expert Vaastu consultant:

A good vaastu consultant is one who studies the issues and problems of his clients thoroughly and delivers responsible suggestions, thus helping the clients live a happy and healthy life. Transparent and effective suggestions that are made without any demolitions or structural changes are a clever way of using Vaastu for modern or traditional structures. These effective recommendations are a result of extensive knowledge and experience. Dr. Puneet Chawla is a treasure trove of knowledge and can skilfully suggest changes that do not need major alterations at home or office. Without a hint of financial discrimination, he proficiently adapts the ancient vedic and vaastu principles to the modern dwellings.

Special Vaastu suggestions:

His specialty is the use of Color Therapy, Pyramidology, and use of crystals, metals and other natural energizing therapies to rectify and remedy the vaastu defects present in the interiors. These kinds of recommendations do not need any kind of demolitions to the existing structure.

He earned his brand name as an authority figure in Vaastu Shastra due to his reputation of being a profound expert in this vedic science and astonishing experience in suggesting beneficial vaastu remedies. His eclectic presence gives out positive vibes to the surroundings and he has made a powerful impact on the lives of many. Dr. Chawla has the expertise of understanding the influential balance of the five elements of nature, electromagnetic and cosmic energies in our surroundings. He uses his extensive knowledge to maximize the effect of these powerful natural energies in our dwellings to create an aura of positivity, peace, harmony, health, prosperity and vitality in our lives.