Factors To Consider Before Buying A Plot

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Plot

The significance of good plot is much as compared to a piece of cloth, which we buy for our suit, we see the quality and other features.  Let us discuss some Do’s and Do not’s for a good place of land.

Do Not’s

  • No electric pole, telephone pole, big tree in front of main entry of plot.
  • A plot surprised in mid of two big buildings is not good.
  • A tall building in front of the plot is not good.
  • A plot facing a road ending to it is not good
  • Plots with diagonal direction are not good it creates confusion
  • Plot’s with a temple shadow is not good.
  • The plot’s land should not contain garbage or stones.
  • Desirable shape of plots are square or rectangular with the ratio of length and breadth not more than 1:2


  • Look for the best direction in “NEWS” [North, East, West, South].
  • Plot’s North – East corner with a natural shape and high in the South west corner are very prosperous.
  • The plot, which is surrounded by running roads from all the direction, is considered good for commercial purposes.

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