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Significance of pictures in vastu

Significance of pictures in vastu

You may think hanging pictures all over your home makes it look wonderful. But be careful. Many pictures can actual be anti vaastu.

  • Pictures depicting grief and tear as well as scarifies leads to unhappiness.
  • Pictures of anger or warfare create grudges and irritability.
  • Pictures of dominant black colour or those reflecting fear lead to grief.
  • Mysterious abstract pictures have no evident meaning create confusion in family (see more vaastu tips for family). It is better to display meaningful pictures, which motivate you.
  • Pictures containing the water element contain instability in terms of career and relationships. Such pictures should especially not be placed on the south wall as the southern directions related to fire, which is an anti element of fire.
  • Pictures of deceased people should not be placed on the mandir or on the north/east walls. The best place to hang such pictures is the south wall.
  • Do not hang your or your or the family’s pictures on the north and east walls. The ideal location for these is the southwest wall.
  • Pictures of birds like crows, pigeons and owls are inauspicious. Hang pictures of beautiful birds. For harmony, place pictures of two birds together.
  • Pictures of wild animals create an undesirable environment. Instead, put up pictures of horse elephant and dogs.
  • Pictures of real knives, swords, and weapons are strictly prohibited as they create utter disharmony in the house.
  • Using single colours I the house creates a dull atmosphere. At the same time, do not use very sharp colours either. Combine pastels and dark shades to achieve harmony.
  • Wall to wall carpeting hampers distribution of magnetic energies. Also the carpets contain dust particles and are unhealthy.

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