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Vastu Tips for Get Out of a Bad Mood

Vastu Tips for Get Out of a Bad Mood

If you are in bad mood always it seems to be a medical problem. But the triggers could be uncountable one of them could be environment (vaastu). For e.g. you feel good at some place and very uncomfortable at any other place. This is due to subtle energies prevailing in the environment that are called negative and positive energies. These energies cannot be seen but one can feel in form of  comfort levels. Best example is a hospital and a religious place.

Everybody comes in hospital with problem and relives it too but the environment is very low and depressing. On the other hand people coming to religious places with there problems also relive but the environment of the place is still relaxing and soothing. So go ahead for a better environment (vaastu) and feel happier.


Try to face north when you work or eat
Point your head towards the south when you sleep.
Look at colors of your place it should be in a combination of light and dark.
Clutter all around you keeps you confused, remove it.
Place Amythyst quartz crystal in a rock form. It provides calmness.
Always sit with a solid back there should be no window or door behind.

Do not’s

Never sit/seep under a beam. It gives you unwanted stress.
Never point your head or feet towards the door of room.
Never place yourself in southeast corner.
Check the placement of your underground water tank/boring. It should not be in the south or western corner.

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