The Phase of Life According to Hinduism

The Phase of Life According to Hinduism

Our ancient scriptures advise us to follow different types of rituals at different phases of lives. All the rituals have some specific meaning and objectives. They enable us to lead a meaningful life.

We will talk about two practical phases which are Brahmachrya and Family life. Each type of lifestyle has its own objective and principles. And Markandeya Purana enlightens us about them.

Perform Agnihotra
Take bath thrice a day. Taking bath has utmost importance in Hinu way of life. In brahmachari life a person is asked to take bath at least thrice a day. It ensures higine as well as it helps in proper blood circulation. Offer the alms to the guru and only as per the instruction of the guru have the alms Help the gurus in his activities. In the gurukul, it’s the duty of the brahmachai to help him in all types of activities.

Study attentively as per the guidance of the guru. The ultimate objective of the brahmachari way of lefe is o leaern . the person should learn attentively.

Give guru dakshina to the guru and return home. After completing education, the brahmachai should offer something to the Guru as dakshina. 

Why a person should get married:
In the modern era, the intellectuals often debate about marriage. But Markandeya Purana says “To lead an accurate family life people should get married. A family life is not complete without marriage. To lead the family life in a proper way, marriage is essential. Marriage strengthens the bond of a family. And it leads the family life in a proper way. Family is the smallest unit of the society. And a strong family life leads to a peaceful society. Man is a social animal. Man can’t live without society. And for an organized social life, marriage is essential. 

Earn wealth through your intellect and power following an honest path.

  • A person should also support the servants, the relatives, the poor, the blinds, the handicapped, the needy people as well as the birds and the animals
  • Offer food to your family and the relatives and what ever is left should be given to the poor. You should also sit with the poor and eat it with them happily.

A person should carry out all the duties. Apart from this if he finds that a person is hungry, it’s his duty to feed that person.
If a person visits his friends, relatives or any rich person of his family he should be offered food. Otherwise it’s a sin. The rich man suffers for these types of sin.
A rich person has the right to enjoy his wealth, but it is equally important to support his family and friends too.


The three duties of a family person:

Naimittik: Duties carried out for the birth of child is called naimittik. It’s the duty of a person to lead a family life and expand further generations.





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