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Vastu Tips For The Basement

Vastu Tips For The Basement

Due to scarcity of space and growing population, it has become almost inevitable to use as much of available space as possible to the maximum benefit. Thus, the concept of making rooms and living spaces in the basement came into limelight.  Although Vastu does not approve of making use of vacant space under the house for living purposes, but still some points should be considered while making use of the basement and doing construction work here.
Here’s a list of some important Vastu points to be considered while getting construction work done in the basement area:

•    A basement should be built in the north and east portion of the house. More vacant space should be kept in the north and the east than in the west and south. 

•    A basement should never be built under an entire house; it should be made only under a part of it. it is best to make basements in the north and the east direction.

•    A basement should never have residential area, in other words, it is not suitable for people to dwell here. 
•    Basements can be used for office or for making a store here. 

•    Basement interiors should follow Vastu principles strictly. 

•    The northern and eastern portions of the basement should be kept more vacant. 

•    Heavy furniture and equipment should be placed in the south and west portions of the basement.

•    The shape of the basement should not be irregular or odd as it causes loss in business, health problems and even blocks the flow of energy for the owner.
•    Stick to rectangle or square shapes for the basement.

•    Basement can be used for storage tank of water, however, it should be placed int he north-east, north-west and at eastern or northern angles. if these directions are not used for placement of the water tank, it would cause adverse affects on the health of the owner or the occupant of the house.

•    Make sure to keep the north-east portion of the basement light. Heavy and large objects should not be placed in this portion of the basement.
•    The north-west of the basement should be lighter than the south-east. 

•    South, south-west and west portions of the basement should be used for keeping heavy materials

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