Best time.. Muhuratham (part 2)

Best time.. Muhuratham (part 2)

After seeing what is Muhuratham lets find which are good and bad muhuratham and its calculations

Rahu Kalam & Yamagandam (death time): 

The ecliptic path of the motion of the Sun by the Moon’s orbit has sensitive points on its intersection, the northern most port being Rahu while the Southern most point called the Ketu. These two have the negative force to even eat put he sun thereby causing the Solar eclipse. Hence no auspicious activity should b started during this ‘Rahukaalam’ which lasts for approximately 90 minutes everyday. However, the duration of this differs according to the rising and setting of the sun. During this time frame the elliptical intersection the the Sun and Moon take space and hence any new activity commenced during this time period, yamaganda, proves to be non- fruitful and invites the death of the energies relating to that particular work.

Gulika (blossoming time):
Gulika or the blossoming time is excellent for starting any new, important activity which would definitely have positive end results. Any activity undertaken during this time frame would give the following results:
• initiates positive energy
• brings good health and prosperity
• renders growth-oriented results
• gives happiness and contentment

As the name suggests, Shoolam, referred to a pointed weapon, has a piercing affect on an individual and leads to flowing away of personal energy in all areas of life and activities. Heading in the Shoolam direction should not be initiated and the only counteraction to stop this is to avoid all journeys heading towards this direction on that day. However, the day in this case is calculated from sunrise to next sunrise.

Abhijit Muhurtham:
Mythological significance

The word Abhijit is synonymous to victory. This time period, the Abhijit Muhurtham, is so auspicious that any activity initiated during this time frame proves to be victorious for the native. It becomes more sacred and powerful if it is during the Shukla Paksha and days which are clubbed with other beneficial yogas. However, this muhurtham is not dependent on any Tithi, Nakshatra, Rashi or month. Everyday this period spans for about 48 minutes and is believed to be blessed by specialbljssings of Lord Vishnu. Abhijit Muhurtham is also the period when Lord Shiva killed the strong and mighty
demon Tripurasura.

Astrological significance
During the Abhijit Muhurtham, the position of the Sun happens to be in the tenth house from the lagna where tenth represents the house of Karmas, thereby meaning a successful undertaking. in a nutshell, the position of the sun in its tenth house is supposed to be highly auspicious for any activity. This means during this muhurat all doshas prevalent at that time get irradicated.

Duration and Calculation of Abhijit Muhurtham

Abhijit Muhurtha starts from 1 ghati(equivalent to 24 minutes) before the Local Noon Time (LNT) & remains till 24 minutes thereafter (total duration 48 minutes) for 12-hour duration of daytime. Its duration varies proportionally according to length of day because in Jyotish a day begins from sun-rise to sun set.
Example- To calculate the abhijit muhurat at any place let’s assume
Sunrise at – 0530
Sunset at -1830
Local Noon Time(LNT)=(1830+0530)/2=12hr
Abhijit Muhurat=LNT± (Sun set- Sun rise)/30
=12±(1830-0530)/30 hrs.

In the above example the length of day is 13 hrs. That is why the standard duration of abhijit muhurat changes from 48 minutes to 52(26x2) minutes.

Abhijit Muhurtham is not beneficial in the following cases:
• If chosen on a Wednesday, it loses its significance
• Travelling in the south direction during this muhurtham brings inauspiciousness.
• This muhurtham should be used as the last resort, when no other time for the day is suitable as other muhurthas for the day.
• this Muhurat is ideal for initiating any activity other than marriage or Upanayan.

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