In my years of experience in the field of Vastu, I have visited thousands of homes for providing consultation on Vastu for them and I have noticed that staircase area is one of the most neglected parts of most homes. People do not consider it very important ot construct the stairs as per Vastu as they feel it does not matter much. However, it is a misconception as correct staircase at home or at the office front plays a pivotal role in determining the correct Vastu of that interior space. The staircase in the house or building should be constructed in correct orientation with the home, assigning it to the proper direction as it should be as per Vastu norms, with no discrepancy in risers.  Vastu lays down norms for every section of the house including the staircase which must be strictly adhered to to ensure a successful and healthy life for the inmates.

  • The south, south-west and the north-west are considered the best locations for the construction of stairs within a premise. Stairs should never be built in the northern section of the plot, including the north-east.
  • It is also said that orientation of staircase depends on risers. If the master bedroom is constructed on the ground floor then it is recommended to have clockwise ascend while if master bedroom is on the different floor then it must follow clockwise descend
  • The number of steps in a staircase should always sum up to an odd number like 5, 7, 9 and so on.
  • The staircase is where we place are feet at every level, hence we should avoid hanging pictures of Gods and Goddesses anywhere along this area. Also, this being the most unstable portion of the house, we should not hang pictures of family members and friends along the staircase as well.
  • Beauty-wise it is a common trend these days to construct spiral staircases but in terms of Vaastu, such stairs are not considered auspicious as they tend to bind the structure with negative energy.
  • The stairs should always ascend in a clockwise direction. Anti-clockwise steps bring in bad energies, signifying the reverse movement of time frame for its residents.
  • If a door is made at the head of the staircase it is considered propitious.
  • The staircase should not be constructed in front of the main door of the house as this would let all the positive energies to automatically climd up to the next level, not letting it circulate in the lower area of the building or apartment.
  • There should not be bathroom or a seating arrangement under the stairs as this is very unlucky. A storage space can be built in this area.
  • The kitchen of a house should never be positioned under the staircase as this would stagnate the prosperity of the house.
  • The staircase is always burdened with weight crossing it every now and then; hence you should avoid constructing your meditation room or mandir under it.

That is why I always suggest staircases should be planned according to Vastu principles to reap the rich benefits of stairs and if stairs are correctly made it brings happiness and success to the inmates.

Dr. Puneet Chawla is a Life Guru, guiding and mentoring the followers to solve their life problems and make a easy living. He corrects the reasons of troublesome life by way of Vastu, Mantra and Tantra Mandalas. Being an intuitive personality he senses the negative energies, the reasons of problems and rarely predicts the life decisions too. He is a Shiv and Shakti Sadhak and guides people through Shivpath.

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