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Best Vastu Tips For The Guest Room

Best Vastu Tips For The Guest Room

- Vastu Shastra even points out the rules to follow in concern with the direction for the position and placement of the guest room and the reason behind it. According to ancient Indian texts, the guest is a representative of God. Hence, we should take care of the total well-being of the guest and the placement of the guest room should be such that the host benefits from the guest and the latter too remains healthy.

 - We Indians are a hospitable lot and consider the arrival of a guest auspicious for the household. Vastu experts, however, suggest that while the guest does command total respect, care and attention, at the end of the day, the guest is a guest and should be treated accordingly. If we go through the Vastu Shastra rule, we will find that this ancient text has laid down some rules and regulations that are to be followed in the location and other details of the guest room which will ensure that both you and your guest enjoy each other’s company and that the guest will return with sweet memories of his/her happy stay with your family.

Top 8 Vastu tips for the guest room are as follows:

1.  The best room to be allocated as a guest room should be the north-west room of the house. This area represents the Air element, and does not provide stability in the structure. This will ensure that the guest does not become a permanent member in the family.

2. Under no circumstances should the guest bedroom be positioned in the south-west portion of the house.

3. Other areas such as the south-east and north-east are also not auspicious as far as the guest room is considered. The guest should not remain in the family and become a member of the host’s family.

4. The guest room should have more openings which should be towards the north and east wall. 

5. The bed in the guest room should be aligned with the south wall of the room

6. The guest room should be painted in white, violet, grey or light blue shades. 

7. Make sure that any belongings or articles used by the host are not kept in the guest room by any chance

8. Neither the master bedroom nor the kitchen should be visible from the guest room at any cost

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