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  • Black Horse Shoe Black Horse Shoe
  • Black Horse Shoe Black Horse Shoe

Evil Eye Remedies | Black Horse Shoe

Black horse shoe

A horse is the representation of strong ness and masculine nature. Horse is strong, powerful, and very beautiful - and it has the capability of giving us escape from our fears. Dr. Puneet Chawla


Lord satrun is the strongest in all the Planets. Whether it is dhayia or Sade saati. Place a Black horse Shoe and get relived.

Why you need Horse shoe?

  1. Every male in this world has symbolic breasts but Horse does not have any breasts. This feature makes him absorb the cosmic energy more.
  2. When we walk bare footed our energy is sucked by the gravitation of the earth, the shoe of the horse create the magnetic energy when it is touched at the road.
  3. Horse shoe stops the negative energy to enter our house in a way and it stops us to get maligned and get the blessing of the Lord Satrun the Judge
  4. Horseshoe absorbs so much of magnetic and positive energy that it starts working as a repels of negative energy when applied on the main door of the house and office. The shoe should be hanged on the entrance from inside in U shape.
  5. Horse shoe is full of physical power. When the horse gallops on the road, the shoes get charged with gravitational energy of the earth. It is generally and widely accepted in many cultures of the world.
  6. It wards bad eyes to let it enter the house.
  7. It wards off any kind of black magic.
  8. It protects from bad effects of Saturn.

How to use?

Place Original, energized and powered Black horse shoe at your main door and make your life simple and easy. Place it on any Saturday and chant "Om Sham ShanichrayaNamah"

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