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Buddha Nature and Effects On Your Life

Buddha Nature and Effects On Your Life

Budh and your luck:

Budh (Wednesday) Looks and Nature: Lord Budh has four arms with a golden complexion. He holds Sword, protection, gada and varmudra in four arms consecutively. Budh wears yellow garland and yellow clothes and gold crown on his head which makes him look charming. His beauty is comparable to lord Vishnu. Matasya Puran states that he has a yellow complexion like a Kaner flower. His white colour Rath has ten horses. He is generally seen positioned on a lion. He is known as mercury in the Vedic astrology. He is the only planet which makes us think good and bad, wrong or right. Budh gives intellect, good communication, higher education etc. He creates scholars, scientists and other professionals. Budh is considered as a wise planet.

According to atharvaveda the father of budh is moon and mother is Tara. His name was kept by lord Bharma. In zodiac he holds the mithuna and kanya. He stays one month in each zodiac and complete the cycle in one full year. His nature is Dry that Vatta. His direction is and the best day is Wednesday

How to please Budh: His blessings removes evil thoughts from the minds, he makes us understand the truth. In general life he removes all obstacles, helps to conceive etc. To create harmony with Budh one should do fasting on Amavasya and Wednesdays this gives peace and prosperity. Emarald is the lucky stone for those who want his blessings. He likes green color. One should donate Green clothes, coral, gold camphor and ghee should be donated to a eligible Brahmin. The beej (seed,) Mantra for the Lord Budh is "Om Bharm Bhreeem Bhrom sah Budha Namah".

The best time to worship budh is in the evening, the best count for his mantra is nine thousand. His best colour is green. His ruler is Vishnu, the supreme is Brahma. His best gemstone is emerald.