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  • Concentration String Concentration String
  • Concentration String Concentration String
  • Concentration String Concentration String

Study Remedies | Concentration String

What is concentration? Normally our mind is working on many areas, movies, food, friendship, health and lot more. We have different thoughts while working and studying. The more we try to focus more we are distracted towards other things. If we focus on the subject without any thoughts and distractions this can be called as concentration. Arjun concentrated on the fish eye and won its target, likewise we also need to concentrate on our studies and work. What Concentration String does?  it helps in improving the concentration. It helps in improving the intellect. It gives rest to the mind. It stabilizes. It removes fear from the mind. It takes care of the stress factor from any reasons. How to use?

  1. This wonderful concentration string helps in stabilizing the energies hence we should hang it near the user.
  2. The child is burdened with the lots of loads of studies hence the string should be hanged near the child.
  3. It can be hanged in the office near the office table towards the north if one is losing the memories.
  4. It can be placed in the temple too for concentrating on the god.
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Energize by Dr. Puneet Chawla
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