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Construction Of Your Home- Guidence Through Vaastu Principles

Construction Of Your Home- Guidence Through Vaastu Principles

Vaastu principles from the ancient vaastu shastra can be adapted to suit the needs and requirements of modern homes. This ancient science is an integral part of any good construction. Every direction has its own significance and placement of the rooms according to their attributes is important. If there is an imbalance of the five elements or the direction and the placement of a particular part of the house are not matching, there can be an imbalance in the well-being of the dwellers. Constructing a house according to the principles of vaastu can result in harmonious and healthy living of the people living in that house.

Position of Various Parts

1. Kitchen: The ideal position of kitchen in a house is towards the south-east. This is the direction of the Fire God. The cook should face the East or North for best benefits. All items regarding fire and heat energy like the generators, main switch etc, should be in the south-east direction of the house.

2. Master bedroom: The main bedroom of the house should be located in the south-west of the house. The bed should always be in the direction, where the head is not pointed towards the north.

3. Other Bedrooms: The other bedrooms of the house can be located in the south and west areas of the house.

4. Toilets: In the house, toilets should be located in the south and west directions.

5. Store Rooms: Store room of the house can be located in the west direction.

6. Pooja Room: The pooja room or the temple in the house should be located in the north east direction of the house. The worshipping person should face east.

7. Living Room: The drawing and living rooms of the house can either be in the north or north east areas of the house.

8. Study: Study or children’s rooms can be located in the north direction of the house. If your house has a water tank on the roof, place it in this direction.

Note: Ensure that sunlight reaches each and every room of the structure.

Live Vaastu tip: The land of the house should have a slope in a way that water flows towards the north-east. Sober and soothing colors in the house bring in harmony. Paintings or photographs depicting sad faces, war, pictures of birds like crow, pigeon or owl are not considered good for the house.

Before Starting Construction

1. Worship: One should worship ones kuldevta, Lord Ganesha, Lord Kshetraphal, the Vaastu Purush and the Dikpatis (lords of the direction). Make sure that you give the construction laborers good rewards when you start the building.

2. Auspicious Day: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday are auspicious days to start the construction.

3. Direction to start With: Digging work should be started from the northeastern direction and the structure should be built from southern to western direction. The construction should not end on south.

Some Other Points Should be Taken Care of

  • 1. One should use square and solid bricks for laying the foundation.
  • 2. One should always leave some open space on all four sides of the structure.
  • 3. Common wall shared by adjacent plot owners is not good vaastu. Try making a new. Individual boundary wall for yourself. The walls sharing means sharing the bad luck too, so avoid it.
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