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  • Dahinawarti Shankh Dahinawarti Shankh
  • Dahinawarti Shankh Dahinawarti Shankh
  • Dahinawarti Shankh Dahinawarti Shankh

Dahinawarti Shankh

Dahinawarti Shankh

The real personality of a man is not seen until he is happy and prosperous; these states come and are a result of hard work and blessings of God. Dr. Puneet Chawla

No body can stop your prosperity if you have a strong will be prosperous. Wishes by Live Vaastu Family

This is the rarest of rare available conch in this universe. It could be high a solution to your problems in the life. Yes it is not less than a miracle.

This conch was one the fourteen divine products available when sea was churned. Lord Vishnu took this as his property and holded it in his right hand. The opening of the conch also comes to the right hand side. This shankh should always be confiscated with puja and offerings, then only it gives desired results. It is mentioned in bhramvavratpuran that once Lord shiva killed the demon "Shankhchood" with the help of vishnu'strishul. The body of the demon was thrown in sea. This is the shankh which got birth as shakh and because he was killed lord shiva and the Vishnu's trishul he is considered auspicious.

Why you need this element?

  1. You feel that money is not stable in your house.
  2. You feel that tax authority is after you. Lot of legal cases regarding the taxation.
  3. You feel that your clients are not giving you payments on time.
  4. You feel that your orders get rejected. Your clients yell on you.
  5. You feel that you are in the job but not getting good promotions.
  6. You feel that you are confused for every decision you want to make.
  7. You feel that your wife does not respect you.
  8. You feel that your children are stubborn.

How to use?

Place it in your temple on a yellow color cloth. Do pancho-upcharpoojan. Pray to it for your needs. Confiscate with dhoopagarbati everyday to get good results. Chant Om namhobhagwatevasudevayenamha:

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