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The biggest battle that one fights is not with the world but with himself, when one needs to be reminded constantly that the world is colourful, yet you see only darkness around you- Dr. Puneet Chawla.

Depression, a word which rules every age group in todays’ fast moving tech world. It is like a black dog which follows you everywhere like a shadow and makes its presence felt in every thing that you do. However, if this black dog is not discarded away at the right time, it can engulf you completely in its clutches and ruin your very existence.

Depression is not a disease, it is a thought process which rules your mind with pre-set ideas and pushes you in a world of oblivion where nothing else seems to appear other than darkness all around.

Common symptoms of depression:

• no activities seem to interest you or give pleasure to you, even though its your favourite

• your appetite gets ruined

• your memory and ability to concentrate vanishes

• it involves too much of strength and burden to go anywhere and hence you avoid mixing with people

• social gatherings irritate and scare you

• you start seeing yourself from other people’s eyes and begin to believe in their judgement about you

• to cope with it you begin to keep up with an emotional lie

• you see, think and speak only negative things

Depression is caused when:

• you have a fight with your near and dear ones

• your business is at doldrums

• your career does not seem to take off in the right direction

• your daughter cannot find a perfect life partner for herself

• you are having immense health issues

• nothing is seeming to be se straight in life

Reasons for depression as per Vastu aspect:

• when the entrance of a house is located in between the west and north-west directions, it leads to depression

• if your bedroom is in the west-northwest zone or south-southwest area, it causes depression

• if the north direction of the house has a blockage there would be depression among inmates

• if the zone of fun and happiness has a cut portion in your building it causes depression and a feeling of failure

• a north-east kitchen causes depression

• placing a mirror in between the west and north-west direction within the house causes depression

• a red or orange colour in the north-east zone or a blue collar in the south leads to depression

Dr. Puneet Chawla, a pioneer in Vastu with an experience of over 24 years in this field says that not following Vastu principles and making small mistakes like the above mentioned one in one’s home or office front can jeopardise one’s thinking process and lead to heavy dullness and depression in one’s life. He being an enlightened guru, has always gone out of the way to provide relief to the world and show the path to happiness and prosperity to his millions of followers all across the globe.

Hence, in an attempt to provide relief to the millions suffering from this deadly mind frame, Dr. Chawla has invented the Depression removal box.

The Depression Removall Box is energised with special crystals and heals your mind, body and soul slowly and steadily and turns you into a positive person with great confidence and zeal.

Why should you need the depression removal box. It serves :

1 Best to enhance the confidence

2 Best to enhance the power

3 Best to enhance the stability

4 Best to feel happy

5 Best to enhance willpower

6 Best to bring good luck

7 Best to remove the depression and anxiety.

8 Best to remove the Northwest defects

How to use the Depression Removal Box?

Simply place this box near you while doing your activities be it studying, driving, sleeping, meditating or even while doing work in your office.

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