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Dhan Teras Or Dhanwantary Trayodas

Dhan Teras Or Dhanwantary Trayodas

The first day of the celebrations of the Deepawali festival begins officially with Dhan Teras or Dhanwantary Trayodas. This day is considered to be highly auspicious and it holds different significance for people located in the different parts of the country, India. As per the Hindu calendar, it is the thirteenth lunar day of the Krishna Paksha, the dark fortnight in the month of Karthik. This day holds great significance as it is believed that on this day Lord Dhanwantary had emerged from the ocean with the science of Ayurveda for benefitting mankind as a whole.  On this day, people buy huge amounts of gold, silver, precious stones and other wealth items, new clothes, ornaments and so on. Children burn crackers in the evening. People light their houses with earthen lamps. Some stated of India like Gujarat consider this day to be even more important than the actual day of Deepawali. They hold Lakshmi, Kuber and Ganesh Pooja on this day at their homes and offices. 

At sunset, Hindus should take a bath in the evening and then light diya and offer Prasad (sweets) to the Lord Yamraj, the God of death and pray to him for granting protection from untimely death. This paraphernalia should be carried out near a Tulsi (Basil) tree or any other Holy tree which might be in their house garden. Many people even perform a Havan and chant powerful mantras to please the Lord.

In this year 2016, Dhan Teras would fall on the 28th of October, Friday. Many people play cards on this day and indulge in a lot of merry making the whole night. Children burn crackers. The older generation indulges in various puja ceremonies thereby laying down the base for the beginning of the Diwali celebrations from this day onwards, which would extent to almost a week from then.

Diwali being a festival of joy, happiness, lights, brightness and splendor, it is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm all across the globe. What stands unique about this festival is the harmony of the five varied philosophies which it holds together with each day having a uniqueness of its own. The five-day long festivity is enjoyed full-fledged-ly by all age groups with true understanding which in turn uplifts and enriches their future lives.

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