Shiv as sarveshwara
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Shiv as sarveshwara

Shiva, something which is dissolved, is what His name Sarveshwara means and signifies. It is boundless and is also the basis of everything. When you utter this name of Shiva, can you utter it in a manner that it tears up your body and creates a passage. It takes a long time to master these practices and get on there. However, you can sneak in and take out the passage if that is what you intend to do, but in that case you would not be mastering over it, it would simply be a way of transcending these aspects.   

Hence, Shiva as Sarveshwara is above and beyond all and is boundless and infinite. He is the be all and end all of the cosmic world and He is what we are willing to achieve through penance or self-submission to the lord.

Let me tell you something about my childhood. As a child, I loved animals and had many friends in the zoo near our house. Every Sunday I would spend quality time with my friends, feed them and enjoy to the fullest. With the little pocket money that I used to get, I would first rush to the fish market, deep inside the marketplace where half rotten fish were sold at half the price and spend all my money buying fish for my friends at the zoo which used to be a treat for them. i would not even have money for the entry at the zoo gate, hence I had to crawl under the barrier of a two feet mesh-wire to reach to my friends as crawling costed me nothing. 

So what I'm trying to indicate here is if you want to opt for the straight path in life, it is tough but if you are willing to bend down and crawl you would find ways which are simpler and easier. So people who crawl do not have the tension of mastering over anything. 

Even a small child can kick a ball but when someone masters it, he becomes a player who is a treat for the others to watch. So if you want to master over something, it involves lots of hard work and precision but if you want simple solutions and are willing to crawl to get your way through it is like Shambhu- Shiv as Sarveshwara. You just need to have that inclination to reach out to him and you will find Him. This is all about the Sarveshwara form of Shiv.