Shiva as yakshaswaroopa
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Shiva as yakshaswaroopa

There are thousands of shiva temples worldwide and many many stories of lord shiva can be heard. But no one knows where shiva was born or where he came from. 

Yaksha are celestial beings who are the caretakers of hidden treasures under the earth and roots of trees. Although Yaksha have distorted form and have devilish appearance they are not harmful to man kind. 

Once when the devas had had the nectar that had come out of ‘Samudra manthan’, they had become arrogant. Shiva then took the guise of a Yaksha to ask them what made them so arrogant. The devas replied that it was the result of their victory over danavas. To this shiva said ‘ your pride is based on false notions, because you did not get victory due to somebody’s grace and blessing.’when devas refused to agree with him shiva placed a challenge in front of them. He placed a leaf of grass in front of them and asked them to cut them into pieces. All devas tried using their weapons but failed. Suddenly they heard a heavenly voice announcing that the Yaksha was non other than lord shiva himself. Devas realised their mistake and apologised for their mistake. 

Shiva is also a celestial being. The source of his origin is not known and his childhood is also a mistry. Although he is pictured in human form he is quite different from humans. He has long mess of unbound hair. It would look weird on normal humans but shiva was beyond poise and his unkept hair added to his aura of godly Presence. His used these jatas to bind Ganga so she in all her vigorous energy would not shatter the earth. 

Shiva even had a third eye that could see beyond perceptions which he used sometimes to create and sometimes to destroy. 

He had snakes hugging him and was always surrounded by other celestial beings that are fearsome to the society. 

Shiva has this fearsome appearance yet he is loved and worshiped by many. He is known as the destroyer but he also has a very calm and gentle persona of himself. Even though he has such gruesome appearance but still he is the only god in Hindu mythology that is seen with his wife and children.