What is Geopathy
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What is Geopathy

Geopathy or Geopathic Stress covers and displays a close-knit relationship between earth energies and people’s well-being. Where ‘Geo’ means Earth, ‘Pathic or pathos’ means disease, which indicates the ability to feel, perceive or be sensitive to certain specific energies. It is nothing but the study of earth energies and their effects, both positive as well as negative, in relation to human prosperity and well-being. In short, it is when the Earths electromagnetic field becomes distorted, thereby causing adverse effects on human life and their well-being.

The normal electromagnetic frequency, or EMF, of the Earth is 7.8 Hz. A healthy human being has the same resonating frequency which coincides brilliantly with that of the earth. However, there exist specific points and lines within the earth’s crust where these frequencies are abnormal due to several supporting factors like the flow of the underground water, presence of electrical lines, Hartmann’s lines, the Curry grid and others. It is exposure to these EMF fields that disrupts the otherwise finely balanced electrical activities in the central nervous system and the electrochemical activity at the cell levels of humans, thereby causing slight discomfort and uneasiness in the initial stages which ultimate ends up into lethal diseases affecting major organs within the body like the heart, kidneys, lungs and also the brain.

There are several types of Earth energies, some of which are beneficial while some quite detrimental to human health. The vibrations emitted by most of these earth energies do not cause a specific illness, but rather lower a person’s immunity to fight diseases. The close study of the influences of these earthy vibrations on our day to day living is what has been described as Geopathic stress. Geopathic stress can pose dangerous effects not only on a person’s well being and health but largely on his behavior and relationships. It has been proved that regular exposure to Geopathic stress has caused cancer in more that 85% of people who have succumbed to this disease. Other common grievances caused due to this include chronic fatigue, cardiovascular deficiencies, immune deficiency disorders and incessant irritability.

In one of its latest surveys, W.H.O has proven and confirmed that 30% of buildings and structures across the globe are affected by S.B.S (Sick Building Syndrome) and people residing or working within the confines of such properties deliver low efficiency levels, high irritability and weak immunity power. All this is a result of the underground Geopathic stress on which these structures stand erect.

To sum it up all, Geopathic stress is created by a combination of factors which stand responsible for the abnormal conditions of the electromagnetic fields which in turn largely affect the well being of living beings. The symptoms of Geopathic stress can be manifested into six different stages, featuring further decline in mental, physical and emotional health at every stage, starting from experiencing mild discomfort, until the person’s immunity system breaks down completely, exposing him to great risks of being attacked by fatal diseases like heart attack, cancer, kidney failure etc.

However, a man’s journey from the first stage of Geopathic stress to the last one may take anything between 8 to 10 years in total. Beginning from the first stage, which starts showing results in a span of few months, and followed by the succeeding stages which take somewhere between 2 to 5 years to show their effect on the human body. But whatever time it might take, at every stage, the inflicted person would keep declining at a rapid pace and first lose his determination, will power, health and then his money, goodwill and everything that once used to reflect the positive side of his achievements in life. In a nutshell, Geopathic stress acts as a silent killer which destroys and robs you off everything that you once possessed, owned and felt proud of.