Lord Shiva - Left Earring
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Lord Shiva - Left Earring

The Tarakanka is the earring that we see in the left ear of the great lord Nataraja. This piece of jeweler is known or adorns the women of yesteryears. These earpieces have a different attribute than that of Makara Kundala. These are purely feminine in nature. It adds beauty and grace to the knowledge that is acquired. It has more creative attributes to that of masculine factual wisdom. Tartanka is the feature that defines divine feminized elegance. The Tartanka sheds right on the feminine sides of Ardhanareeswara. The dance associates with a masculine and feminine side of life. He is both god and goddess. It even dictates the fact that one is incomplete without  the other. To maintain the balance of the universe both male and female contributes are required. If the balance is disturbed the universe will cease to exist. Can we take away the goddess ness of Shiva? No! Because if we do that, he will be half Shiva. ( Not that we have the authority or capacity to do something like that.)It needs to be understood here, that Shiva is not a composite of male and female attributions. Rather, he is the generator of this phenomenon. He is not made up of any components, but he is a whole. He is complete. He is both maleness and femaleness.

The truth is that man, and women are not different; they are not separate humans. They are all humans. Humanism is the complete attribute. Some have male dominance, and some have female dominance. This is the absolute character of the Natraj. He is the purush and prakriti. Purush is rue acquiescent energy. Whereas, Prakriri is the dynamic energy. The amalgamation of these two energies is the reason behind the generation of the universe.

This same idea is depicted in the Shiva lingam. The unification of lingam and the yoni is the creator of the universe.

Thus, it can he concluded the nature of the supreme authority is ferocious as well as docile. He is active yet distant. He is father and mother. He is the creator and destroyer. Such are the attributes of Natraj.

The male character of Natraj is inclined towards the spiritual mysteries while the female character associates with the material world. These energies are interdependent and coexistent. Shiva is cohesive with the energy which is feminine. This eternal clutch is the dominant recreational power of Natraj. The femininity is associated with the left side as it is where the heart is located. Heart is the home for creativity and institutions. These are feminine characters of the soul. Coherence, chivalry and careful thinking are the nature of male energy. Together, these energies are consistent od the soul.

matri devo bhava, Pitri devo bhava, guru devo bhava. Here it is said mother is identical to god,( not goddess) father is same to god, and teacher is equal to god. These three aspects put together are the Natraj. He is the father in his male naivety, mother in his female creativity and guru as dakshinamurthy.