Bestowing hand of Shiva
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Bestowing hand of Shiva

The lower left hand of the Natraj displays the hand gesture known as the Dola Hasta better known as the over generous hand. The lord is known for his utmost benevolence. Shiva is the lord with tremendous compassion. This is the reason he is called Bholenath, or the innocent god. Shiva is most easy to please. He forgives as easily. Many mythological stories prove the innocence of the most ferocious god. There have been many who have taken undue advantage of his forgiving and generous nature. 

Once Bhasmasur, prayed to Shiva and pleased him with his consistent devotion. When Shiva appeared, he asked for a boon rest whatever he touches would turn into ashes. Without giving thought to what he was about to grant, Shiva in his candor grants the wish. Alas, now Bhasmasur runs after Shiva himself to burn him to ashes and take hold of Kailash. Shiva goes and takes refuge with Brahma. Here too Bhasmasur comes to get Brahmaloka. The two lords take plight and run to seek the help of lord  Vishnu. Before Bhasmasur can reach Cheer Sagar where Vishnu decides with his beloved Lakshmi. Vishnu transformers himself as Mohini and offers to dance with Bhasmasur. Being chad by the beauty of Lady Mohini, Bhasmasur forgets everything and agrees to dance with her. While in a deep state of trance Mohini puts her hand at her head. Bhasmasur Imitates her and burns himself into ashes. There are many such stories where Shiva in his guilelessness has fallen into trouble. 

In his guileless nature swallowed halahala without paying heed to the fact that he has Vishnu living in his heart. He then stopped the halahala in Mid-Swallow thereby turning his throat blue. Thereafter, he was called Neelkanth. He has always gone through extreme limits to look after the universe he has created. 

Bhagirath, when could not find any way to get Maa Ganga on Earth; Shiva accepted his plea to hold her in his Jatas so she did not harm the earth in her descent from heaven. 

When Tarkasur asked Shiva for a boon that Shiva would behead his own son, Shiva thoughtlessly agreed. 

Not only boons and protection of life, bit Shiva also freely grants the benefits of death as well. People who realize  the truth oh life and death do not hesitate in welcoming death. They do not ask-for the boon of life, rather they ask for being relieved from endless  cycle of life and death. They ask for moksha. Shiva being the benevolent that he is, grants them that too. He is the creator of Hinduism, the religion that is not an ardent one. Rather, it is the way of life.