Goddess of Wealth- Maa Lakshmi
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Goddess of Wealth- Maa Lakshmi

What Maa Lakshmi likes?

Goddess Lakshmi is the giver of wealth and money, this fact is known by everybody. People are just running after money and by hook or crook they get rich also, but at that time are they happy? Generally rich people are seen tense, caught up with problems of disease and bitterness in relations. This means pleasing Maa Lakshmi is not enough for a happy life. One should refine his karma’s, give a helping hand to the needy, give care wherever required and be sure what ever you give is received back many folds. This way you get blessing of Lord Vishnu, the supreme guardian.  When we worship only Maa Lakshmi, she comes sitting on an owl , which is not auspicious. Owl comes out only at night i.e. the dark side. This signifies that one who is only after money gets one sided happiness when Lord Vishnu the husband of Lakshmi is worshipped first in that case Lakshmi comes sitting on the lap of Vishnu. In this way the money given by Maa Lakshmi gives over all prosperity and happiness.

Where Maa Lakshmi is placed?

The directions for placement of Lakshmi’s pictures and idols are west. In business establishments, showrooms the pictures of Lakshmi and Ganesha’s should be placed on west or southwest directions. Lakshmi should be given the right side of Ganesha. It is said that Ganesha is blessed that Lakshmi will always stay on its right side and Daridarta (Poverty) the sister of Lakshmi will stay at the back of Ganesha. So believing this saying never place Ganesha as its back towards your house or towards you, this is to avoid the poverty.

Some other facts about Maa Lakshmi

Toran: It is a decoration done on main door of the house or business establishment. It is also called “Bandhanwar”. Seven or eleven mango or ashoka leaves tied in a red thread is an auspicious toran. It is said that where ever the main door has a toran, Maa Lakshmi likes to enter that place.

Fire: Where ever fire is respected, Lakshmi is there, offer a portion of first food cooked to fire. Never touch fire with your feet.

Show richness: Always wear good clean and tidy clothes. Never wear old and torn out clothes. Generally people do not drop their valuable clothes even when they are torn out.

Things and activities: Proper lightning , cleanliness, feeding to birds and animals, respect for food available, respect for woman of the house, a happy state of mind and heart and things like shankh, awala fruit, gud(sweets) Lotus flower, white clothes if all this is available in your place definitely Maa Lakshmi will come and stay at your house.