Success and Failure
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Success and Failure

Dr. Puneet Chawla acclaims that success and failure in life are like day and night, one has to follow the other sometime in life. However, the society that we live in holds a very different outlook towards success and failure in life. Their perspective about this stands quite different from an individual’s way of looking at success or failure in life. According to Dr. Chawla, if we take life as a stepping stone to a larger possibility, there is nothing called failure as such. Both success and failure are ideas created by the human mind which tries to change the world from what it is to something different. So, instead of changing the world, we should change the very idea which gives rise to this discrimination. For instance, for a beggar who struggles to survive on the road, to sit and eat in a fine restaurant would be a success for him. Similarly, we create our own line and parameters of success or failure for which we keep struggling throughout our lives.

We are often ruled by any thought, idea, emotion or value which we happen to pick up from somewhere. This definitely is not an origin of our mind, but an adaptation from somewhere else. Our culture, society or religion makes us belief that a particular milestone is a success and vice versa. Dr. Chawla warns people by saying that we should not be slaves to someone else’s idea of success or failure. Success and failure cannot be determined by measuring the amount of money flowing in one’s life or by measuring the recognition that one gets during one’s lifetime. A person is believed to be successful if he is able to walk through life with joy even while going through hell.

Dr. Chawla says one who looks at simple events of life as his goal to achieve, for him there is failure and success. One who sees this life as a stepping stone to success, for him there is no failure. Whether a person has a good deal or a bad deal, to consider it to be a stepping stone and to come back with full force for one’s well being is what is termed as being successful in life.

Sometimes a challenge or a difficult situation acts as a catalyst which strengthens a person but the choice entirely lies on the person as an individual, whether he wants to use his failure as his strength or whether he wants to sit and brood over the situation. Dr. Chawla believes that the most horrifying situation of one’s life can also be used for one’s growth and well being. It simply depends on the attitude of the person and how he deals with it. Every small event of one’s life, be it business, children, marriage and so on, everything acts as a stepping stone towards success and prosperity in life, having one final goal which leads to ultimate salvation.