Go ahead towards right direction on right day
  • 1944

Go ahead towards right direction on right day

Vastu lays down norms even for travelling. Which days are safe for travel, which directions should be avoided on which days of the week, all these come under the jurisdiction of Vastu analysis? Certain Vastu experts belonging to the traditional school of Vastu thoughts forbid travelling in the wrong direction on certain days of the week. I, too, believe on these Vastu epoxies. For instance, Tuesday is considered to be inauspicious for traveling towards the west. Likewise, Saturday is not good to travel to the north or one should not go down south on Sundays according to Vastu. Although not many people follow these old school thoughts of Vastu which are based on astrological grounds in which the ruling planet of the day is the deciding factor for the corresponding direction for the specific day.

It is believed that travelling towards the west on Sundays, the ruling planet of which is the Sun God who governs over the East direction, is like going against the deity. On the contrary, travelling in the opposite direction as per a certain days’ direction is not in consonance to the energies of that day. Some people may not believe these and might dismiss it as illogical but such thought are still valid and are accepted as old customs imbibed from ancient books.

They are still applicable in today’s modern day scenario but in a different manner which makes it possible and conducive as per our work to travel in certain direction on any day.

Vastu even lays down remedial measures, in case it is highly important and inevitable for a person to travel in a forbidden direction on a particular day. The remedial measure that one can take to avoid going against the specific days lord is to travel about hundred yards or to have a look forward in the favorable direction and then turn back to path. This is a very simple and easy-to-follow step to avoid the aforesaid problem easily.

I suggest one should always abide by Vastu principles in every relevant part of one’s life and in every possible department in day-to-day living so as to avoid the unforeseen and to make the best and most optimum result from the Vastu point of view. I am ready to help my followers in every possible manner in this context because I have personally felt the difference when having abided as well as when not abided by travelling norms as indicated under Vastu shastra.