Lord Krishna Essence of Leela
  • 1401

Lord Krishna Essence of Leela

I feel being playful is one of the most responsible ways to life, just like Krishna did, the very essence of his Leela. Krishna was passionate about everything he did. Be it as a child, a youth, a statesman, a warrior, a teacher or when addressed as a divine incarnation by people, Krishna never showed any moment of slackness in any situation of his life. He always remained in full force. We, too, should strive to manage things in every situation which in turn would invariably help us to grow into a better possibility. Life should be on and moving in full swing all the time whether it is awareness, devotion, action or energies that we focus on. And to do so, one needs to follow the four fundamental ways viz the path of devotion, awareness, action and kriya. Krishna, however, highlighted on the path of devotion over the others as a large number of people are seen to be more capable and inclined towards emotion than anything else. They are capable of attaining peak intensity through emotions much easily as compared to any other aspect of life. However, this path of emotion, devotion and passion demands certain abandonment and one needs to be more vulnerable. 
According to me, it is impossible to love and remain wise at the same time. You cannot operate from your heart and mine both at the same time. If you want to fall in love, you should be ready to be able to make a fool of yourself. The advantage of this is it does not involve too much of learning, sadhna or understanding to walk on the path of passion. All it requires is a one-pointed love affair which remains unchanged for anything. Doing commerce with your love and emotional life within yourself can prove to be highly destructive and can even take away your life. Life comes to an end not because of money but because of the absence of passion and effervescence in your emotions. A true devotee is one who sees and judges things beyond the calculation of good or bad. They are the true lovers who live with passion and do not calculate their returns against what they put in a relationship.   
Playfulness or Leela, what Krishna performed with his near and dear ones, is not philosophy. It is a way of connecting to your inner self which in turn would enable your physical body to function in a much better manner. Being playful is not being irresponsible, as is generally thought by people. However, being playful with life is one of the most responsible ways to live. If you are not playful, the burden of your tensions would kill you.
Playfi = unless, as I have mentioned earlier, is not a philosophy, it is a dance of energy where the forces of creation are always at play. If they stop playing, you are finished. You feel nice only when all the basic forces within the body play with full vigor.
Playfulness is also not your attitude; it is the attitude of the Creator, the Almighty and his creations. Being playful will come to you naturally if you are in tune with the creator and his creations.