The Secret of Radhe Krishna
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The Secret of Radhe Krishna

Here I will tell you the story of how Krishna and Radha met and the intensity of Radha’s devotion towards Krishna and also the story of how Krishna stole butter from peoples’ houses and how he teased the women folk of the township of Gokula. Radha was the most well known of Krishna’s devotees and well wishers.

One day, when Krishna reached home from the river bank, the news of his prank had already reached his mother, Yashoda. He had stolen their clothes when they were taking a bath in the banks of the river and eventually returned it to them after making them agree to his conditions.

As for Yashoda, she was really wild at him and had even given him a blow on his back with a stick. When Yashoda was busy churning butter inside the house, Krishna hugged her from the back and told her that he had been kind enough to return their clothes to them or else they would have had to walk back home naked, his mother still glared at him as if she would eat him up. As Yashoda got up do finish some other work in the kitchen, Krishna broke the pots full of butter and not only ate it himself but also took all the butter in his hand and went out to call the monkeys to eat the rest. The monkeys delighted ate all of it and even dropped a lot on the floor. When Yashoda came back, she was astonished to see the broken pots of butter. She got further wild and tied Krishna with a rope to the pounding wood that he had been sitting on. Krishna cried initially but all in vain. He then dragged the heavy pounding wood, which was almost impossible for any other boy of seven years of age to do so, all along towards the forest where the cowherd and his friends would be.

While walking towards the river in the forest, Krishna passed between two big trees where the pounding wood got stuck. He pulled it with such great strength that the two trees got uprooted, bruising him with the rope. So he stopped by to rest for a while. Just then he saw two girls coming that way, one out of whom was Lalitha, his playmate and the other was Radha who was then 12 years old. The seven year old Krishna got extremely attracted to Radha and so did Radha towards Krishna. From that very moment, Krishna lived in her eyes throughout her life, irrespective of the fact whether he was physically oresent in front of her or not.

On seeing Krishna tied so cruelly, Radha tried opening him but Krishna asked her not to do so because he wanted his mother to untie him. Krishna then asked Lalitha to fetch him some water so that he could spend some quality time with Radha.This is how the intense love and affection of Krishna and Radha kick started.

Radha was born in the village of Barsana in a simple cowherd family and was the daughter of Vrishnabanu. She had lost her mother at a tender age of 6 years and was henceforth brought up by her maternal grandmother. She had come to Gokula to fulfill some vow of her demised grandmother. Eventually, due to circumstances, both Radha and the whole of Gokula, along with Krishna, shifted to Vrindavan.

There is no Krishna without Radha. The word “Radhe” means, Ra meaning Ras, which means love or juice of life. Dhe means “the giver.” Hence, it has been righteously said that to understand Krishna completely, one needs to be willing to become feminine completely as it is the path to intimacy and tremendous passion. As for Radha, her entire world revolves around Krishna, only he exists for her. She is not a social person but she is definitely a colorful eternal being.