Exprience of a Visit
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Exprience of a Visit

It was a sunny day I was traveling to Punjab. Driving on the roads with a sharp sunshine on the dashboard of my car was giving me a pleasure of energy in a cool environment of my SUV.

I generally do not have carbohydrates in the daytime; it helps me keep energetic and active. Keeping my self-hydrated is one of my priorities. I stopped for a sugarcane juice kiosk and got filled my personal bottle with the juice. I reached Ludhiana, the active city of Punjab. I called my called my client to guide me the way to the visit site, being courteous the client came to receive me on the highway.

It was a hospital consultation with the residence combined in it. The doctor family was very literate in terms of spirituality that is why they wanted the Vastu of their premises to be done. Generally, doctors do not believe in alternative therapies.

Their problem was that they are not happy, they feel dull and their profession declined in terms of the financial inflow. Being precise here the master bedroom was above the recovery room of the trauma patients. The patients here were brought in big pain and being accidental cases they remain in pain, their attendants were also seen in pain.

My guidance to them was to shift their room from the present place, which was above the recovery room though it was a southwest room. The room suggested by me was a south room; I suggested a dose of Pure of red color in the room too with a radia rock at the bedside. This radia rock will absorb the negative energies transferred to the doctors while treating the pains of patients. This will give activeness to the doctor couple. I suggested converting the southwest master bedroom to a general store.

The financial area of the doctor couple was another point. The north wall of the hospital was burdened with the big dustbins of disposal of the surgeries and garbage.

I got the north wall cleared and painted with yellow color and suggested small planters with the blossoming flowers. I suggested a citrine rock on the consultation table Doctor client.

These premises were 99 percent vastu friendly, means the structure was made with a vastu consultation through the architect.