Significance of Worship
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Significance of Worship

The term worship denotes a strong belief that a person holds towards God Almighty, with the surety that the Lord would bestow him with health, wealth, prosperity and success and keep him secure from all adversities of life. In other words, it signifies God’s worth in our respective lives. However, for worship to work, it is essential to create an atmosphere of trust towards the Lord which would more both corporately and individually around us in our lives and protect us from every evil that withstands therein.

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Worship for the Lord lets us get in touch with the spiritual us through regular meditation or enchantment, depending on the person’s personal belief and choice. Worship does not limit itself to any particular religion, caste or creed, it is universal and sublime and lets one connect to God. On a wider perspective, worship lays down the purpose of our lives. It even lays down the universal platform for people to unite towards a common destination. Worship is an act which lets us witness the world of God. Worship should be done in a manner to praise, exalt and glorify the Lord, thereby showing our devotion, adulation and loyalty to the Almighty. Worship gives us strength and courage to face the challenges of life. It helps us get rid of our sins and attain the ultimate goal towards salvation and self recognition.

Worshipping the Lord with all your heart and soul lets you express your love and gratitude to the Supreme power that rules the entire universe. Somewhere, worship leads to the key for the existence and presence of God around us, in every inch and in every life. Thus, it can be righteously said that worship is not only the key to intimacy and closeness with the Lord but also the key to withstanding trials and problems that we face in everyday life and even restoring the essence and joy of our salvation.

To sum up, worship thus denotes a strong bonding between God and us, a trust which stands unbreakable through every thick and thin of life, a belief that there is some supernatural power above and beyond us u would rescue and protect us in every adversity of life. So trust your trust, and believe your belief so that your worship guides you to a new pathway towards God Almighty.