Vastu And Peace
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Vastu And Peace

We all want to avoid conflicts with family members as a peaceful environment in the house is very important to invite success and prosperity. Conflicts drain away your energy and tend to make you negative in approach. However, to ensure peace in the house, there are certain Vastu principles which need to be followed in one’s daily life. There are positive energies surrounding us and we need to harness upon it to get benefits from it.

Vastu tips for peace in the house:

1.    Entry into the house- Vastu claims that the entry into any home plays a pivotal role in determining its success and prosperity quotient and also in maintaining peace in the house. South-west entrance door should be avoided at all costs.  However, if it cannot be, then a Hanuman tile should be fixed outside the main door. This helps waive off the negative energy entering into the premises from this direction. Entrance doors facing the east, north and the north east are considered most apt according to Vastu.

2.    Create a clutter-free home- The house should be kept clutter free at all times. Clutter is synonymous to stress and tension and creates confusion and fights among family members. This stands true especially for couples and hence the bedrooms should be kept absolutely free of clutter. Past things should never be stored as they never let you move forward and accept your present. 

3.    Using mirrors- If mirrors happen to be on the north wall, they tend to make people think about their problems and worries. The only remedy is to either remove the mirror from that wall or install a screen which would prevent you from seeing the mirror while lying on the bed. 

4.    Correct placement of Electrical gadgets in the kitchen- Gas and electrical gadgets should be placed in the south east section of the kitchen. This would ensure a peaceful environment in the house. 

5.    Colors- always use primary colors like red, blue, green and yellow when painting the walls of the house as they bring about good health, appetite and calmness of mind.

6.    Water- Water placement should be in the north or northeast area as it makes it free from harmful energies. 

7.    Telephone placement- The south direction being associated with the element of fire, the telephone should be placed in this direction to ensure peace among family members.