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Best Vastu Tips For The East Direction

Best Vastu Tips For The East Direction

- The East direction is a very powerful one as it is owned by Lord Indra, the God of Prosperity, festivity and power as justified by Vastu Shastra. The corresponding planet for this direction is Surya (Sun). We all know that the sun supports life and vegetation on earth, and hence the east direction too is responsible for growth and success of an individual. Being the direction from where the sun rises, this direction is marked by prosperity and fulfillment in life because it is the sun which is responsible for cleansing and energizing the entire universe.

The 7 Top most Vastu tips for an excellent east direction are as follows:

1. Being a Vastu expert, I have noted that just like the north direction, the east direction too should be kept open, well lit up and clean. Thick walls and absence of windows and doors in this direction results in a lack of ventilation in the house. This can lead to stagnation in the lives of the residents. Remember, any obstruction in the east can create an obstruction in your life. Always keep the east open, ventilated, light and clean. Openings in the east bring in a lot of solar energy which possesses therapeutic properties. To reap the benefits of solar energy, let there be maximum openings along the east wall of your house/office. Even the curtains on the windows in the east should be light in terms of both fabric and color. Use light pastel shades in leaf green and cream on the eastern walls.

2.    Constructing a bathroom, staircase or a store in the east is a major Vastu offence that can cause many problems in life. a staircase here in the east would lead to heart-related problems while a store in the east blocks the flow of energies to the western section of the house. This creates difficulties in growth and prosperity.

3.    If a building faces the east, the front courtyard should be kept open and spacious. If the front courtyard has a concrete floor and the backyard on the west side is not solid, such as a garden, the building’s occupants may face problems pertaining to financial growth.

  The presence of a puja room, study room and conference room in the eastern part of a building is considered good. Hanging pictures of deities on the eastern walls of the house is auspicious.

  A lower level floor in the eastern room is also auspicious as it brings in happiness and prosperity in the family.

6    Try to face the east while working or watching television. 

  The east of the house is the key direction for the males of the family as it blesses an individual with name and fame. The east of the house should not have an elevation or else the residents of the house will always face problems and will land up in trouble while their enemies will always over power them and will have a upper hand over them. 

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