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Ever Imagine Why Is Krishna Blue

Ever Imagine Why Is Krishna Blue

- Over time and geography one thing that has remained unchanged about the legend of Krishna is the color Blue. Why is Krishna Blue? I look at what this ‘Blue Magic’ is all about and would even explain to my readers how it worked even on Krishna’s sworn enemies who were hell bent on his death and destruction.

- The color Blue symbolizes all-inclusiveness. Anything vast and beyond our perception tends to be Blue be it the sky or the ocean. This is the reason that many Gods in India are shown to be blue-skinned. Shiva, Rama and even Krishna are shown to be blue-skinned, not because their skin was blue in color but because they had a blue-aura.

1. What do we mean by Aura?

A certain field of energy around every substance is known as Aura. The whole existence around us has energy, one part of which manifests itself into a physical form and the other part does not manifest itself in a physical form but still has a form. This non-physical form of a substance is called aura.

Krishna’s blue body indicated not his blue complexion but a dark skin with blueness of energy; hence he was described as being blue. It is his all-inclusiveness that makes his aura and personality blue, the form in which he is seen in every corner of the globe.

2. Irresistible blue

It is the outermost ring of his aura and his energy which made Krishna exceptionally attractive. It was not his physical features, the sharpness of his nose or eyes, that made him irresistible, but the blueness of his aura which made him so appealing to one and all. Many people are blessed with sharp features but they do not exude the same level of attraction as Krishna. It was his all-inclusiveness, the blueness of his aura, which even made his sworn enemies surrender to him unwittingly. People who plotted to kill him could be deviated from their ill motives due to this blue nature of his which constantly assisted him in everything that he did. Krishna was so irresistible right from the time he was a baby that the demon, Pootna, who came to kill him, fell in love with him and was completely entangled in his blue magic.

3. Electrifying Blue

Another aspect to this is depicted in terms of one’s evolution. The aura of the person takes a particular hue accordingly. If a person practices ‘Agna’ in his Sadhna regularly, his aura becomes predominantly orange in color, the color of renunciation, austerity, asceticism and kriya. Alternatively, a pure soul would have a white aura but he would not be very action-oriented. An electric blue aura of a person would mean one who has attained the highest level and is equally active in the world. Hence, a dynamic personality like Krishna would be electric blue, a super human.

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