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Vastu Tips For The Interiors

Vastu Tips For The Interiors

* Vastu principles need to be followed for the exterior as well as the interior of the house. If the interior of the house does not comply to Vastu rules, it would lead to adverse results for the inmates of the house. The success and prosperity of the house mates to a large extent depends directly and indirectly on the proper Vastu of its interiors.

Here are some Vastu tips for the interiors of the house:

•    It is considered highly auspicious to have a tulsi or neem tree in or around the house. However, in no circumstances should there be a cactus or thorny plant within the confines of the plot as they tend to cause friction among the family members.

•    There should not be a tap or toilet right at the centre of the house as this leads to draining away of all the wealth. Leaking taps should be repaired immediately as this too drains away the wealth of the house.

•    The toilet, kitchen and the meditation room should never be placed adjacent to each other. The energies emitted from these rooms should be kept separate. 

•    The electrical appliances like microwave and the gas stove in the kitchen should not be right in front of the main door of the kitchen. 

•    The space under the staircase should never host a washroom or pantry as it is believed to bring in bad luck. 

•    The north or east wall should be used to place the mirror. Sink and the tap within the washroom.

•    The toilet seat should be placed along the north-south axis within the toilet. Aligning the toilet seat along the east-west axis is not favourable as per Vastu as many people worship the rising sun facing the east.

•    The southeast direction should be used for placing all the heat-generating appliances. If it is not possible, then at least their plug points should be in this direction.

•    The interiors of a house should always have bright lighting as dim light is not considered favourable for the inmates. Also, make sure the shadow generated from the lights should not fall on the paper while working or studying.

•    For residential purposes, ceilings should be made flat without cut or plus-minus levels. A room should never have an elevated or false ceiling.

•    Vastu prefers light shades for the interior walls of a house. Light blue, green, pink and cream are some of the most favourable shades to be used within the four walls of a home. Excessive use of hues like red and black should be avoided as they spread negative energy within the structure.

•    Any plant oozing milky substance should not be placed within the interiors of the house. Bonsai and cactus too should be avoided. 

Interior of a structure, if not build according to Vastu tenets, would lead to ill health and financial losses for its occupants for sure. 


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