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Vastu Tips For The West Direction

Vastu Tips For The West Direction

- The west direction is responsible for bringing about stability in life and is occupied by the abdomen, genitals and the reproductive organs of the Vastu Purush. The owner of this direction is Varundev, the Lord of water, rain, fame and fate. The corresponding planet for the west is Shani (Saturn). The most unique quality of this direction, according to VastuShastra, is that it is more powerful at night as it gets activated after sunset.

The 7 most effective Vastu tips for the west direction are as follows:

1    As the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, the axis of energy also travels from the east to the west. This solar energy from the east cannot be stored in the west if there are large openings in this direction. Therefore, avoid creating access points and entries in the west, as they can harm any prospects of income. If you have to create windows here, make sure they are smaller than those in the east. Western walls should be strong to bar subtle energies from flowing out. The stronger the walls in the west, the happier will you be. 

2    Couples should not occupy bedrooms located in the western portion of the house as this can result in transferable jobs for either of the partners, and the couple find it difficult to live together for long periods. The bedrooms in this direction can, however, be occupied by children or guests; or leisure-rooms, restrooms and family sit-outs. Washrooms in the western part of your property are a good idea.

   A kitchen in the west may give rise to excess expenditure and create instability inincome. This direction is ideal for positioning overhead water tanks as Varundev, the owner of this direction, symbolizes water.

   A puja room or meditation area in this direction is inauspicious and gives rise to feelings of selfishness and self-centeredness among the family members.

5    Rainwater harvesting facilities bore wells and water slopes in the western portion of a plot or building is not good. This may create health problems for the men folk in the family.

6    The west should always be higher than the east. Plant big trees on the western periphery or make a large mural on the western wall. You can also make it heavy by keeping solid furniture along the western wall.

7    While selecting a plot, make sure that there are no open spaces or gardens facing the west. 

8    Use dark shades such as violet and grey on the western walls to suit the dark nature of this direction. 

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