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Vastu Tips To Follow Before Starting Construction On a New Structure

Vastu Tips To Follow Before Starting Construction On a New Structure

- Once you have purchased the plot of your choice, on this very momentous and happy day of your life, Vastu Shastra offers some suggestions that will make your future a pleasant and harmonious one. Whether you will be constructing a house or an office building, use Vastu to make it work to your advantage.
- When and where to start construction, ideal directions and days, Vastu defects to avoid, elements to incorporate and things to keep in mind, I hereby present a comprehensive list of do’s and don’ts list, simple to remember, easy to follow. As a Vastu expert, these Vastu tips should be checked out outside your building or structure.

Vastu Tips which should be kept in mind before beginning construction on a new structure:

1.    Bhoomi pujan should be done before starting construction of any new structure. One should worship one’s kuldevta, Lord Ganesha, Lord Kshetrapal, the Vastu Purush and the Dikpatis (the lord of the directions). Make sure that you give the construction laborers good rewards when you start the building process. 

2.    Auspicious days and directions should be seen for starting the construction work. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday are auspicious days to start construction. Digging should be started from the north-eastern direction and the structure should be built from the southern to western directions. The construction should not end in the south. 

3.    While building your house or any other structure, if you find that it is not properly planned, you always make some changes. For example, if any part of the construction is not made according to your requirement, you break it and change it. However, please note that the main door of the house or structure should not be altered while construction is going on.

4.    The main door should also be the most attractive door in the building. It is believed that Goddess Lakshmi enters houses whose doors are beautifully maintained. Hence, the main door should be kept clean at all times.

5.    The main door should be decorated with auspicious symbols like an image of a Kalash with coconut on it, Goddess Lakshmi’s feet pointing towards the house, a Swastika symbol with ‘Riddhi-Siddhi’ and ‘Shubh-Laabh’ written on either side of it.

6.    A Toran or Bhandarwar is a good ornament for the main door. It invites good luck and wards off bad energies. 

7.    Placing a lit Diya (earthenware oil lamp) outside the main door at sunset is a good custom. It helps ward off any negative energy, and also works as a security measure against evil forces.   

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