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Vastu Remedies | EAST BEDROOM BOX

Dr .Puneet Chawla, a highly enlightened figure with an experience of over 24 years in the field of Vastu, says that the east direction is an extremely powerful direction in Vastu. East is owned by Lord Indra, the bestower of happiness, prosperity, Power and prestige. The planet Surya (Sun) rules this direction.

East direction bestows:

• happiness and prosperity

• power and prestige

• supports entire life and vegetation on earth hence a life-giver

• acts as a cleanser of both actions and thoughts

• energises both mood, body and soul.

Vaastu defects in East gives following problems.

1 Business problems

2 Lackness in Respect.

3 Problems in Using Authority, Power and Leadership.

4 Career graph is going down.

5 Reduction in Happiness, Willpower and Confidence.

6 Diseases of Heart, Eyes, Neck and Brain.

A bedroom in the east would lead to:

• heated arguments amongst couples

• decline in business

• loss of respect name and fame

• health issues

East is a direction dedicated to the deities, hence a bedroom where lots of personal activities is perormed is not advisable here as this means showing disrespect to your gods and goddesses. Hence, the consequences would not be in favor of you aat any cost.

Dr. Chawla is a highly pious and enlightened soul who has spent his life for the betterment of mankind and hence he has come up with his extraordinary creation, the east bedroom box. This special ox has been energised with precious crystals that tend to absorb the negativity of the surrounding and turn it to e favorable for its residers.

How to use the east bedroom box

The east bedroom box should be placed towards the eastern side of he bedroom side table and should be re-energized every month by keeping it under full moon for half an hour.

Dr. Chawla confers that the entire universe is full of positive and negative energies and the art of extracting the positive ones out of it to our benefit and betterment is what we term as Vastu. Only very few divine souls like Dr. Chawla possess this unique quality of guiding and showing the correct path to humans and hence assisting them in finding way to a happy, prosperous and satisfactory life ahead.

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