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  • Energies Your Invisible Friend Energies Your Invisible Friend
  • Energies Your Invisible Friend Energies Your Invisible Friend

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Life on earth, in every form, is created and controlled by God, Almighty. No matter how much science and technology gets advanced, it cannot create or destroy life on earth. However, to carry out and execute various activities and functions in life, both mental and physical, we need energy. Energy, which is present around us in various forms, all we need to do is identify it and utilize it to the best of our benefit.

One of the smallest creatures made by God, the ant, can carry a load more than 100 times its weight, and it is capable of doing so only with the aid of its physical as well as internal energies, will power, concentration and dedication. It derives these energies from the sources present around it, in the environment surrounding it.

Nature and its various elements provide energies of various kinds’ like solar energy, wind energy, light energy, North Pole energy, gravitational energy and so on. These cosmic energies inspire and instigate us towards performing our daily duties meticulously.

As Dr. Puneet Chawla, the writer of this book, puts it, there are two ways in which we derive energy, one from an external source and the other from within us. By external energies we refer to those energy forms which we get from nature and our surroundings, while internal energies are derived from sources present within us, like feelings of hope, enthusiasm, our will power, concentration, determination and so on.

To further stress on our actions and internal power sources, Dr. Chawla talks about the enforcement of the subtle communicative energies contained within us. These refer to Clairvoyance, the vision of the third eye, Clairaudience, ability to listen to subtle sounds, mastering one’s own mind power and listening to Telepathic messages which our brain constantly keeps passing to us from time to time. These hidden powers have to be recognized using our intuitive qualities and implemented in our lives so as to empower us with strength and dedication towards our goals in life.

Accentuating his point further, Dr. Chawla also stresses on spiritual power which refers to the reciting of certain mantras on a regular basis and making it an inseparable part of our daily regime. Utterance of these mantras induces positive frequencies within the surrounding and enables us to establish a co-relation with the cosmic world and our internal self. There positive vibrations make the environment pure, serene and self-contained, and even purify our mind, body and inner soul.

Dr. Chawla affirms that a close view and deep study of this book can awake our deep hidden energies, educate us about their presence within us and even create a close connectivity with the outside world. However, just identifying these energies is not enough; the idea is to preserve them as well for self-transformation. There are various exit points through which these energies can flow out from our system and hence we should be aware of the methods by which we can stop their leakage.

Last, but not the least, this book on energies associates one not only with his present, but also with his past and the future to come. Applying the knowledge and information provided in it can really benefit mankind, both individually and as a whole too.

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