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Five Good Things for North Direction Vastu and Health

Five Good Things for North Direction Vastu and Health

1. Health is wealth and it is not possible to lead a prosperous life without taking care of it. Live Vastu is one of the major fields of Vastu Shastra that can help you achieve this. Developed by the leading industry Vastu expert Dr. Puneet Chawla, Live Vastu gives an account of how to lead a normal daily life. Why do we fall sick in the first place? Does the environment of the house have to do anything with it? Vastu indeed plays a major role here to define the quality of our health. There are some diseases that arise due to a flawed lifestyle. But there are some that arise due to the Vastu defects in the household. Let’s discuss them one by one based on the Vastu directions and how we can correct them through Live Vastu.

2. To start out with, heart problems are extremely common in our society. To remove these, you need to make sure that the part of the house between the North and East does not have a staircase. If it is so, Dr. Chawla says that it is a major Vastu defect that leads to heart problems in almost all such clientele cases that he has seen. If this is the case in your house, Dr. Puneet Chawla provides a solution that does not involve any kind of demolition whatsoever. All you have to do is paint the area with light Green and keep Melakrite Crystals in this area to cleanse the energy. This can be kept in the 4 corners of the staircase. On the other hand, if we talk about Circulatory diseases such as high BP, they are often related to defects in the South-East corner of the house. Such defects can arise if you make a toilet in the South-East or if the corner is cut. Talking a case study, one of the followers of Dr. Puneet Chawla called him on the show and told him that she has been suffering with high cholesterol lately. Sharing details about the house, the toilet and main gate were situated in the Agni Kon direction and the house is East facing. Giving a prompt solution to the person at hand, Dr. Puneet Chawla explained that if her bedroom is in the South-

3. East, it should be painted with a light Green color and keep auspicious stones such as Melakrite and Moonstones (a couple of balls). Moonstone is an amazing Vastu defect remover that imparts peaceful energies if it is kept in the South-East direction and hence, it brings down all the impurities in the blood, including high cholesterol levels. Also, the main door in the South-East should be painted Red in such a scenario and Red Carnelian stones should be kept here of the size of 9 K. Keep following Dr. Puneet Chawla for more such tips to revolutionize the way you live and think and convert the negative energies into positive energies.

Dr. Puneet Chawla is a Life Guru, guiding and mentoring the followers to solve their life problems and make a easy living. He corrects the reasons of troublesome life by way of Vastu, Mantra and Tantra Mandalas. Being an intuitive personality he senses the negative energies, the reasons of problems and rarely predicts the life decisions too. He is a Shiv and Shakti Sadhak and guides people through Shivpath.