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Get Predictions By Dr. Chawla Through

Get Predictions by Dr. Chawla through

We are all aware of the fact that every month we experience a New Moon followed by a Full Moon exactly after 14 days of its inception. A new moon occurs when the Sun and the Moon occupy the same Zodiac sign and the sun light up the back of the Moon in the manner that we cannot see it at all. On the contrary, when the Moon occupies the Zodiac sign, which stands just opposite to that of the Sun and gets full illumination from it, we experience the Full Moon. In both these extreme situations, the moon is blessed with certain specific energies, which in turn prove to be quite fruitful and favorable for the whole of mankind. On the advent of the New Moon, it’s time to commence new projects and work on new proposals and contracts as the moon, during this time, generates negative ions which tends to instigate us to begin new projects on a successful note. The Full Moon arrives after two full weeks and this is the time when your efforts start bearing fruit. Its effects are more personal, emotional and directed inwards. During this time, the flow of positive ions is initiated which in turn creates a flood of emotions. Full moon brings about a sense of finality to events in our life. It casts an exuberant vibe, which opens doors for a better tomorrow. However, a Full moon can turn out to be quite intense if not made favorable and corresponding to your stars. This includes its close relation and connection with astrology as well as Vaastu science, corresponding with the ten directions and the five elements of nature. We humans have never-ending queries, demands and wants in life. We keep striving to get the most appropriate and favorable answer for all our anxieties and inhibitions. What will I become when I grow up? When will I get a Job? When will I get married? Will I be successful in life? Will I have a natural or unnatural death? The count is innumerable. Some intuitive personalities, like Dr. Puneet Chawla, a well-renowned Vaastu consultant and an eclectic personality, is blessed with deep insight and extra-ordinary powers to sense the negative in and around us and provide easy, simple and easily follow-able remedies in the benefit of his millions of followers located worldwide. Dr. Puneet Chawla, further enhancing his creative and intuitive instincts, has taken up the challenge to solve and provide answers to simple questions, which worry us in our daily lives by using the healing power of the Full Moon. (Note Dr. Chawla is not an astrologer, and does not do tarot reading; he has high intuitive powers, which he uses for predictions) On the eve of the Full Moon, Dr. Chawla would sit on meditation which in turn would provide him with an insight, capacitating him to answer the questions of whosoever seeking advice and information about his future life. This would benefit people in many ways: It would let them know of their future success and prosperity quotient in life One can get answers regarding health Know about relationship with close family members Get accurate answers regarding various doubts about life which no other science can provide Instantly delve in a one is to one conversation with Dr. Chawla who would show you the right path of success and prosperity in life.  Not everyone gets an opportunity to sneak into his future, and get the prediction but with Dr. Chawla’s assistance, one can definitely know of little things, which worry us in our day-to-day life and act accordingly for a better, safe and secure future ahead. Book your answers today for the next full moon and get your life on smooth Track.

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