• Hindu Beliefs and Rituals Hindu Beliefs and Rituals
  • Hindu Beliefs and Rituals Hindu Beliefs and Rituals
  • Hindu Beliefs and Rituals Hindu Beliefs and Rituals

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Another jewel in the knowledgecrown of Dr Puneet Chawla a vaastu expert in association with Times group books a Times of India enterprise. In tough and practical world, materialistic things are cramming our lives and we tend to forget our age-old traditions and rituals. The young generation in this stress full worldtends to forget our heritage and follows the happiness in this false world where prosperity and happiness can never co-exist. All of our traditions are based on the dedicated research of the great sages.

We even don’t know what is the correct meaning and significance of our god and goddesses, how to believe, why to believe but above all these confusions we are continuously visiting temples to beg our happiness. We are afraid of the planets but we don’t know why. There are many rituals and traditions in our lives that we just follow. To easily understand the concept of god we should surely see the pages in depth and get the blessing of the deities.

Dr Puneet Chawla came across people who make mockery of our gods and traditions. Some people laugh at our gods, and traditions like worshiping a mere plant that is MaaTulsi, we fold our hands in front of a stone ideal etc.

But as a follower of the oldest tradition of the world, we should get ready to give an adequate reply.

We often fail to give a logical answer because we don’t know it ourselves. And Dr Puneet Chawla strongly recommend that everyone should go through this book to be in position to give an explanation of our beliefs and be proud of our traditions.

When we face obstacles, we straight away see to god for our rescue. But God is not something to be sought at distress, but it needs to be a part of life. And it’s the time to realize it. Through this book, Dr. Puneet Chawla is endeavouring to unearth the facts behind the beliefs and rituals that complete the spiritual aspect of life.

What are the facts behind the beliefs and rituals that make up the spiritual aspect of our life? This book unearths all such questions. It gives logical explanations about traditions that have developed over centuries. Explains the essence of Hinduism, while giving an account of all major Hindu deities. It spells the benefits of tantras, mantras and yantras; also talks about the significance of spiritual and natural products.

Through this book Dr Chawla aims to prove that traditions can never be irrational and we have to immortalize our traditions by linking them to practical, day-to-day existence. This book attempts to popularize Indian traditions both among the young generation as well as Indians living abroad.

The author of the book Hindu beliefs and rituals Dr Puneet Chawla a top Vaastu consultant who practically understands the culture of India gives through insight about the prosperous culture.

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