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  • Lakshmi Dhuni Lakshmi Dhuni
  • Lakshmi Dhuni Lakshmi Dhuni

Lakshmi Dhuni


Lakshmi Dhuni is a special mixture of sacred herbs, spices and aromas which please Goddess Lakshmi. She is a favorite with every household woman, traders, and businessmen and is worshipped in every Indian family as she bestows her devotees with wealth and prosperity. Hence, this special Lakshmi Dhuni has been invented so as to impress and please the Goddess easily. However, before knowing how to use this dhuni and what would be the outcome of it, it is very essential to know something about Dhunis and why dhuni natural incense sticks are the best to use within the home and office. Special characteristics of Natural aromatic dhuni: • These are made with special handpicked organic and wild botanicals through sustainable sources.

• Each particle of this dhuni is rolled and made by individual hands

• 100% pure spice and herb blends are used to make this dhuni, and no charcoal blanks are used.

• No endangered sandalwood is used in this product

• This dhuni is naturally dried under the sun and not by machines

• The blends used are absolutely unique, without adulteration

• This dhuni is among the most traditional natural dhuni available in the market

• The herds used in this dhuni are ground in pestles and mortars, and not with machines

• Most importantly, the ingredients used in this dhuni are made with love which adds to their intrinsic value Procedure for using this dhuni powder:

One can use the live Vastu electric burner or coal or cow dung cakes to burn this dhuni. However, it is easier to burn and light it on an electric burner. The smoke which emits from it should be spread in each and every nook and corner of the house and office.

Advantages of using this Lakshmi Dhuni:

• It brings financial gains

• It pleases Goddess Lakshmi

• It brings losses to down scale

• It pleases Lord Kuber

• It makes the environment healthy and fit for work

How Lakshmi Dhooni bring Financial Gains? Vastu Remedy, Maa Lakshmi Dhooni Dhoop

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Energize by Dr. Puneet Chawla
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