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  • Live Vaastu Salt Live Vaastu Salt
  • Live Vaastu Salt Live Vaastu Salt
  • Live Vaastu Salt Live Vaastu Salt

Blessed Live Vaastu Remedies | Live Vaastu Salt


Live Vaastu Salt is a raw sea salt in granules and crystal form. It has power to eliminate the negative energies and has natural tendency to absorb negative energies. This salt is energized by Dr. Puneet Chawla.

Are you facing the following problems ?

  1. Health problem even after the regular treatment?
  2. Beautiful home but feel irritated
  3. Clashes in the family?
  4. Small and Big Losses?
  5. Obstacles in each & every work?

Benefits & Usage

  1. This salt can be kept in wrongly made toilets like Northeast. Southeast and Southwest or generally It cart be kept in any toilet.
  2. This needs to be kept in a open bowl in the toilet to absorb the negatives of the area. It should be changed every fortnightly for better results. This salt removes the vaastu defects of toilets.
  3. This salt can be used to wipe the floors, it is experienced that all the negative energies are wiped by this. One bucket should get handful of salt.
  4. This energized salt can be kept in your bedroom, living room or office. This eliminates all the negative energies and absorbs it.
  5. This can be kept near and out of main the door to remove vaastu defects.
  6. This salt can be used to Removes the Bad eyes. (Nazar Dosh).
  7. This salt can be used in the sick person’s room to remove the painful energies.

Do You Know How Salt Connected with Vastu? Yes Salt Can Correct Vastu


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Energize by Dr. Puneet Chawla

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