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Vedas says

"Life devoid of struggles is a life bereft of happiness because the value of happiness is realized only after pain."

Dr. Chawla says

Vaastu gives us a life in which our intellect to learn from past problems, strength to fight present problems and foresee future problems.

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Vaastu is mainly based on directions. Right knowledge of direction is very important to make a building structure according to vaastu. In the olden days people who needed to check the directions very minutely, used to see the shadow of sun. In the modern technical world the instrument called magnetic compass is used to check the directions. In the total there are 10 directions but to check with compass only 8 directions are available.

Compass has 360 degrees in total with its radius. Every direction is allotted 45 degrees. For every direction, checking the level of degree is very important.

In total there are ten directions four are main directions i.e. Dr Puneet chawla in Livevaastu explains the directions like this.

  1. North
  2. South
  3. East
  4. West

Four are sub directions, which are always in corners

  1. Northeast (Ishan) In the center of South and East.
  2. Southeast (Agneya) In the center of South and East.
  3. Southwest (Nirutya) In the center of South and West.
  4. Northwest (Vayaya) In the center of North and West.

Ninth direction centre 
Tenth direction space.




North: North is a very good direction. The owner of this direction is KUBER.Kuber is a Hindu deity and is known for wealth & prosperity. This direction is called wealth and career direction. The planet for this direction is Buhda.
The Vaastu Purush’s chest & breast area occupies the north diection. This direction should always be more open, beautiful, light & less burdened due to the body parts of Vaastu purush. 
The today’s logical interpretation of the intellectual vaastu consultants’ states that North direction, which has North Pole, provides tremendous positive energy to the whole structure. This energy is very important for every individual/inmates of the building structure. There should be big openings in the North direction to receive the energies of North Pole.


South: south is always considered as a bad direction, but it is not like that. South is the bank for all the good energies of North direction. There should not be big openings in the south. The owner of this direction is YAM. Yam is Hindu deity for death. Big openings from south give problems comparable to death. South’s owner is also in charge of justice, legal affairs. So if you have south defects, be ready for injustice and legal issues in life. The corresponding planet for this direction is MANGAL.South also affects the growth in financial prospects, business and career. Closed places in south are prosperous. South stores the wealth in the form of energy. Closed and heavy walls in the south direction keep the Yam at bay from the inmates of the house.


East: A very powerful direction. The direction is owned by Lord INDRA.Indra is the Hindu deity responsible for rains, overall prosperity, festivity and power. Indra is very powerful in manipulation. The representative planet for this direction is Lord Sun which itself is a big power that nobody can match. Sun gives growth to life, vegetation etc. So you can call east as direction for growth. After the north, east should be very much open, light & clean. Making heavy walls, not providing the ventilation, doors & windows gives stagnation in life. Making a staircase, accommodating a toilet or a store in the eastern direction is a big vaastu offence. Just mind a punch line obstruction in east can create an obstruction in your life.


West: This direction is known for stability in life. The owner for this direction is Lord VARUN.Varun is deity for rain, fame and fate. The corresponding planet for west is a Saturn.Big opening from this direction is not advisable. The east energy,i.e solar energy is not stored in the west if there are big openings. The axis of energy goes east to west as the sun rises from east and sets in the western direction. The west direction is occupied by the lower abdomen, genitals & reproduction organs of the vaastupurush. The openings & entries from this direction are not good. It spoils the prospects of income

Northeast: A wonderful direction, which one can relish. The owner of this direction is itself the supreme deity of Hindus Lord SHIVA. The representative planet for the direction is Brahaspati.this direction gives over all prosperity, health &wealth. Brahaspati, the planet for Northeast gives knowledge & spiritual growth. This is a good direction for scholars 7 students. Northeast is a very pious direction. It is a very sensitive direction. In my experience 60% of vaastu principles lie in northeast direction. A very powerful axis of magnetic energy starts from the Northeast to Southwest. Creating a toilet in this area is blunder, it can spoil the family health or if it is a business place it can ruin the whole business. Bedrooms, stores toilet & heavy structures should be avoided in the Northeast. Creating a fire element in this area gives accidents.


Southeast: A well-wisher who is very sensitive, angry in nature, the same is the nature of Southeast direction. Southeast is owned by Lord AGNIDEV the Hindu deity, which represents fire. The representative planet for this direction is Shukra.
The sun, which is a life giver to this universe, is at its harsh mood when it comes in this direction. The infrared rays are emitted from the sun when it reaches the southeast. This is the hottest place/phase of the Lord Sun. This heat is compared to the fire. Southeast is always allocated for fire related works. Fire being very potent & have lots of anti elements like water & air. So one should be careful while placing the other elements with fire. The use of Southeast is a delicate matter.


Southwest: This direction is owned by a demon called NIRITI.The corresponding planet for Southwest is Rahu.This is the strongest direction in the plot as it shows magnetic energies flowing from Northeast. Right usage of Southwest gives a strong & healthy life. It can give you confidence, wealth and health. Southwest can give you name and fame in life, but if Southwest is not according to vaastu, it can bring many problems to the inmates of the structure. Bad Southwest can make the conditions worst; it can make finances in the reverse flow. Bad Southwest can bring behavioral issues like depression, anxiety, suicidal feelings etc. Bad Southwest can make people feel low & energy loss in working place even. It can give conception problems in the family. If the Southwest is highest in your building that means your happiness and self-esteem is highest.


Northwest: The owner of this direction is VAYUDEV.The Hindu deity for Vayu.The wind element is affected. The wind element is affected.the planet of this direction is moon.The place in Northwest is very unstable since it is powered by wind elemnt.This direction creates opportunities in the life.If it is powerful and complementary the vaastu principles it can take ones career to big heights.Wrong usage of Northwest gives instability,confusion in the mind & lots of diseases.It can also create restlessness in the inmates