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Lands Nature

Lands Nature

Vedas says

"Life devoid of struggles is a life bereft of happiness because the value of happiness is realized only after pain."

Dr. Chawla says

Vaastu gives us a life in which our intellect to learn from past problems, strength to fight present problems and foresee future problems.

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Let us understand Mother earth.


Every piece of land has its nature, good or bad depends on many factors. Dr Puneet chawla compares the lands nature as a human body as we see the skin types,  the blood group, height and weight, the external appearance etc. the same properties has to be seen in the piece of land too.
For analyzing of the properties the scanning of Land is done.


Geopathic stress


Some plots are carry very good facing conventional vaastu consultants tell to there clients. They say that you take north or east facing plots. But these vaastu consultants are not aware that the soil energy of that plot has to be checked if it is  not good the earth of that area can be termed as ill. Now you can very well understand that a ill or diseased being cannot give you prosperity.

Let us understand the geo pathy in detail


Geopathy, the pain of earth


Geopathy is a Greek word where 'Geo' means 'Earth' and 'pathos' means 'disease.In other words it is the ill health of the earth or the ill effects of the energy, which emanates from the earth at different sites. Scientific research shows that in various parts of the world have resulted in identifying geopathic stress, which can result in the creation of harmful atmosphere in a building. The sick buildings syndrome that is also recognized by the World Health Organization points to the fact that illness can be due to working or staying in a sick building.


Hence Dr. Puneet chawla suggests Live Vaastu to remove the stresses of geo.


In some offices and commercial places lots of people are in tension and carry headaches. The employer claims non-efficiency of the staff working over there. Many people think this way that inadequate ventilation and poor air conditioning as well as poor air quality were responsible for illness of the staff. But even after rectification of all these defects the problem in all sick buildings have not disappeared. There is a possibility of Geo pathy stress involved in the area.

Dr Chawla had been doing the visits in corporate offices and industries and say that 30 to to 40 percent places carry geopathic stress. He is an highly sensitive aura and intuitive personality this helps him check and catch the geopathy in the area.

Geopathic stress has been accepted as a possible phenomenon and it has been acknowledged by several western thinkers that electromagnetic spectrum with the frequency of the earth waves can resonate which in turn can affect certain energy fields inside a structure which have bearing on health and happiness of an individual. The western people also believe that some other types of harmful radiations can pervade the building and can cause many unexplained diseases including Cancer.

Research on geopathy was started in 1920 by Winner and Melser in Germany. An association between cancer and geopathic zones was established by a study conducted on thousands of inhabitants. Several scientists have taken study of geopathic stress in Germany and France.

Geopathic stress or the earth energy is believed to come from several sources like the earth's magnetic field radiation forces created due to movement of plates inside earth, forces due to flow of underground streams and so on. It can occur in any building irrespective of its use. It is seen geo pathy can affect plants and animals also.

Dr puneet chawla is continusoly working on the research of geopathy and its effects on the human being are spending great amount of time.

Dr Puneet Chawla can sense this geopathic stress by his energy sensing powers.

Color and fertility of plot: No matter how good is the stitching of a tailor, if the cloth is not superior the grace of the dress will not come. The same is with the land too.

If the quality of the land is not good the inmates may not be happy. For the fertility the color and smell of the soil needs to be checked. The natural state, plantation of that soil needs to be checked.

Natural Slopes and levels: The slopes and levels plays a god role in the vaastu science, these may boost or obstruct the flow of positive energies in the land. Bigger area plots have natural slopes, which tell about the nature of the plot. This needs to be checked. These slopes and levels are a must for big plots, farmhouses and heavy industrial units.

External Environment of plot: The land and its surrounding give a significant impression on the good and bad vaastu. Big trees some times are a boon and some times they become a little problem as they can obstruct the east’s solar energy and or North’s magnetic energy. Big heavy buildings are a sign of prosperity but are you sure they benefit you. There are several these kinds of factors out of the plot, which decide its power.

Dr. Puneet Chawla checks personally and analyzes Vaastu of the plot himself. His intuitive personality comes as a support in this field.