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Nazar Battu

You can safeguard your homes using the powerful Nazar Battu. After you invest a lot of money, in building a new home, it is wise to protect it from evil glances by using a Nazar Battu. We are not sure of the future, so protecting it from evil spirits is something that we all can do. A small investment in this Nazar Battu can go a long way. This small South Indian, black coloured fruit, tied to a rudraksha, can help you in protecting your valuable abode safely. This wards off the evil eyes and protects our home from their negative energies. Traditionally, many use lemon and green chillies to ward off evil glances and spirits. A Nazar Battu is a powerful Totem, or an object with spiritual significance, when hung at the entrance of a home, blocks these negativities from entering the house.

People should not step on such Totems, as the evil that has been accumulated in them can be passed on to people whose foot touches them. If you are lacking prosperity and happiness, or have a feeling that other people are jealous of you and casting a bad eye on your business and happiness, a Nazar Battu can help you eliminate such negative energies, and bring your happiness back.

This acts like a shield and protects your home or an office establishment. The power of Nazar Battu is a beautifully crafted aesthetic piece that gives you the power of other shields like rock salt, piece of yellow turmeric, a demon face, conch, a coconut tied with a black thread etc. This Nazar Battu when hung near the door prevents the evil forces from entering and nullifies the black magic.

This traditional Nazar Battu should be used along with a black thread. Though this is not a decorative item, it is carefully crafted with artistic expressions and creates an aura of Indian traditions in our homes.

Rs. 2100
Energize by Dr. Puneet Chawla
Net Weight: 400

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